Palm oil crimes in Honduras and Colombia

More horror news about the global palm oil pestilence destroying Third World people with the help of the World Bank – which our governments own. In Honduras 25 people have been killed so far on behalf of the palm oil corporation, Dinant. In Colombia 123 farming families want to peacefully reclaim their land from which police violently drove them on behalf of the palm oil corporation Daabon.



Dinant is waging a bloody war over palm oil in the Aguan valley. The corporation is said to have seized the land of 700 farming families, 11,000 hectares in all. Farmers are squatting on some plantation land and Dinant responds with violence, being blamed for 25 murders so far.

Dinant’s plantation expansion is funded by 30 million US dollars from the World Bank and another 20 million dollars in German foreign aid.

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Colombian farmers are trying to stop clearance of their land for palms.  123 families want to go back to their farms in Las Pavas.

In July 2009 police violently drove them off. The farmers failed with attempts to have authorities recognise their land rights.

Violence, expulsions and land theft are common in Colombia.  They have made about four million people there internal refugees.

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