Civilmedia 11: Community Media For Social Change: Low Threshold - High Impact

Civilmedia 11

The effect of Community Media to social action and political climate is the focus of the UnConference “Civilmedia 11″, taking place in Salzburg from April 4th to April 16th, 2011.


Community Media have invented “User-Generated Media” decades ago. In contrast to the contemporary trend in commercial media to outsource production of content to “non-professionals” for economic reasons, they also give producers direct responsability in selection, creation and form of their production.

Additionally, Community Media give power to the people in their organizational structures – unthinkable in common economy. It is this synthesis which creates real participation and empowerment and does not degenerate these principles to lip service.


The unique position of Community Media needs to be defended regularly, and has to be adapted to the changing media landscape continually. Especially within a public discourse that connects the right to public funding with the demonstration of benefits to society.


The focus of the 2011 meeting is “practices”: “DIY – Do it Yourself” production, distributed through channels in the internet and on air using modern networked tools. The discourse of quality. Alternative ways of financing and effective advertisement of contents in the local populations. The review of the “Public Value” concept, which originally describes the benefits of public service broadcasting, in the frame of Community Media.

Gain “High Impact” with a “low threshold”: the title of “Civilmedia11″ captures the uniqueness of a vital and growing scene.


Welcome to the largest international conference for Community Media in Central Europe.