[NL] Anti-Pelz-Demo Maastricht

Respect voor Dieren

On saturday Feb 19th we'll go to war, fighting against the fur industry. In Maastricht there are over 60 stores still selling fur. Take your friends, family, colleagues and classmates with you and lets hit the streets to battle the on-going animal suffering in the fur industry.


The info:

At 13:00 the demonstration against fur will start. We'll walk the streets of Maastricht, while we have some sweet tunes playing in the background. Yes, there'll be music. There will be a few public speakers who'll explain to everyone why we should all fight this war together.
We're trying to get as much transport, such as busses and cars, from as many cities as possible; keep checking the website for this or send us an email. Do you wish to come earlier or stay longer? No problem! We've arranged lots of places to crash within walking range of the anti-fur demonstration. So let us know, phone or email us, if you want to sleep over.

Info stands:

There will be alot of info stands from alot of different organisations. Info material, food and merchandise, all of it will be there! Do you want to take part with your organisation? Send us an email and it can be arranged! In time we'll post a list of the participating organisations. The info stands will be 'open' from 12:00 that day.

The spot:

We're gathering at the Old Hickoryplein. This is a central location right behind the railwaystation and close to the highway. Click on the picture below to see how you get there by foot from the railwaystation or how to get there if you're coming by car. There are enough (free) parking spaces nearby.


We've planned out a specific route through the city so we'll pass most of the stores that sell fur and also be able to inform the shopping crowd about the animal suffering at the same time. We'll pass at least 50 furselling stores, which have blood of innocent animals smeared all over their windows and merchandise (figure of speech). It seems to take over every show window, in almost every store this cruelty in on display; street after street, store after store.. Soon there'll be a list of all the fur-selling shops in Maasticht, be sure to avoid these shops so you don't support animal cruelty.

There are posters and leaflets printed that are waiting to be spread. The amount of people that'll be joining us depend on you! Just send us an email with how many leaflets or posters you'd like to get and we'll make sure that they get to you. Spread them at school, at work or in the city and put posters on every wall and every building that you come across.

Contact info:

For more information, materials and questions:



Donations are also more than welcome. All the materials such as leaflets and such can only be bought by the goodness of hearts. Here's the accountnumber you can donate to:

4465267 to; Respect voor Dieren at Amsterdam
IBAN: NL68PSTB0004465267