Funding appeal for film to show Chinese there's shark in shark fin soup

Shark populations have dropped more than 90% in 30 years, destroying the most important ecosystem for our own survival, writes the Hoover Environmental Foundation, appealing for help to dub into Chinese the award-winning documentary “Sharkwater”.

“Conservation isn't just saving species and ecosystems, it's saving humans,” they write.


“China is the largest consumer and trader of shark fins in the world, fuelling the growing demand for shark fin soup that is destroying our oceans within our lifetime.


“Most Chinese consumers don’t know that shark fin soup contains shark, because the translation literally means, ‘fish wing soup’."


The foundation sees this as a huge consumer awareness issue “that we have the power to change”.


“We urgently need your help to create a Chinese version of Sharkwater that will target an audience of over 300 million people. We can change the world, with your help.”


For a donation they promise you a special custom-made tribal shark pendant, shirt or bag.


“Wear your special shark pendant with pride to engage people in making shark conservation an international priority!” reads the appeal, which I received as an email. (How did they find me?)


Details at and At are dozens of reviews of the highly accoladed film.