European neofascist march on Milan

Sometimes the're back, again.
The congress is organized by Forza Nuova.
The theme is the all capital letters: "Our Europe: Peoples and Traditions against banks and usury."
Piazza San Babila, April 5.

You are already raining accessions of half a continent.
The right does not disappear in the historic returns of neofascist Milan.
Jean Marie Le Pen will there, French National Front he said four years ago that "gas chambers are a detail of history"; the neo-Nazi Germans Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschland Udo Voigt is adhering, sentenced to four months in prison for encouraging violence and hatred, who dreams of refound "Greater Germany start on nationalist and hierarchical" and that has a tight alliance with the recently Skinheads naziskin of which were signed Sachsiche Schweiz SSS.

Not to much and just wrong to exaggerate.
Hungary reacheas the main exponents of the MIEP Party of Justice and Life.
In the'98 had ten seats in the National Parliament.
In 2002 has not exceeded the 5% but this has not prevented the movement to continue its battle against "global conspirators Bolsheviks, Masonic and Zionist." And to try to return to Hungary with an improbable Grande added rehabilitation of Adolf Hitler's regime.
The MIEP is most often promoted fields to rescue the image of the Cross Arrows, Budapest under the Nazi Third Reich. "We're not yet sure that delegations will arrive from Romania. We've had problems with them. But the April 5 will be a great opportunity to build a European bloc," said Angelo Ballotta, secretary of Forza Nuova in Milan.
The game is a MEP.
His name is Roberto Fiore.
Suspected of being close to the Nar (Armed Revolutionary Nuclei), but Britain has never granted the extradition. A. Strasbourg site has come to the site of Alessandra Mussolini when he was Alternativa Sociale.
Have also been sporadic and administrative collaboration with the Polo delle Libertà.
But Forza Nuova prefers banging in the end only "against the world, the economy held by the Zionists, abortion, homosexuals, non." In foreign policy if it is set in the Middle East by Forza Nuova sympathy goes to the Arabs than to Israelis.
More or less the same reasons that the German NPD supports the Iranian regime that sustains Ahmadinejiad when Jerusalem must be wiped off the map. Nostalgic or revisionists - many groups are supporting the European lefebrian Catholics and fundamentalists - the exponents of the European radical right prefer to look forward. Strasbourg in 2007 even tried to make an autonomous group of the European Parliament. He had to be called Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty at the end but had broken with the Romanians. "You start turning'm the safeguarding of Christian traditions, anti-immigration and the entry of Turkey into Europe, the abortion and homosexual marriage," Giuseppe Scaliati analyzes, the author of the radical right in Europe. "Once you have said that words were of a God, Homeland and Family. Today I am a Christian, Western and Tradition", Saverio Ferrari observatory against Democratic explains the rights. One cleaning is necessary.
NPD Udo Voigt about the question that the meetings of the party is not using the Hitler salute because illegal. Celtic crosses abound, runes and swastikas to manifestations of the radical right in Europe. The Belgian Vlaams Belang, reborn after being unleashed by racism and xenophobia, and not question the expulsion of all immigrants, "but only those not fully integrated."
A not so nice problem to have shaking and twisting the nose leads to camaraden - camerati, everything is so called - of Dreapta Noua, the New Right which was inspired by Romanian Corneliu Zelea Codreanu's Iron Guard, the precursor of the pogrom against Jews before the Nazi invasion. Noua Dreapta after some Romanians attributed to sexual harassment, has chosen to move away from the European bloc supporting the violations were committed by Roma, "a low-race." A. Milan on April 5 to be high the banner of common identity, be the exponents of a movement that Cypriot bat against the entry of Turkey into the European Union. Separate authorizations, while the center and asked to protest and ban it, it is only know in which corner of Piazza San Babila will encounter. Forza Nuova has high suspense. In its place is spoken generally of "the city" the town center. He wrote to the German, but maybe there comes Goethe anything.

Forza Nuova yesterday formally announced that the Nazi-fascism meeting scheduled for April 5th will be near the Congress Center "Palazzo delle Stelline of Milan. Ie, a public structure, administered by the Foundation Stelline, entities that are founders of Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Milan.
For this reason, today, the entire opposition in the Regional Council, through a letter signed by the directors Luciano Muhlbauer (PRC), Franco Mirabelli and Maria Grazia Fabrizio (Pd), Bebo Storti (PDCI), Monguzzi Carlo (Verdi) Cipriano, Marco (Sd), has asked President Formigoni and advisor to the Culture, Zanello, to intervene urgently near the bodies of the Foundation for the grant of the space is overruled.
Indeed, the international meeting sponsored by Forza Nuova should give voice to political organizations that are known and well-known thesis negazionist, racist and neo-fascist. This contrasts not only with the fundamental principles affirmed by our Constitution - and in fact this should be enough - but even with the Statute of the Foundation and with the regional law which instituted.
Furthermore, it should be noted that this day has also been taking the official position of the House Labor and Milan ANPI provincial, asking both mayors, prefects and "Questore" initiative to ban the April 5th.

PRESS RELEASE Provincial Committee of Milan A. N. P. I. (National Association of Partisans Italy):
We learn from press agencies and some day that the next program is April 5th in Milan an event promoted by international fascist Forza Nuova. " Demonstration should be developed to twenty days from 25 April, which marked the end of the fascist dictatorship veinteñal, the conquest of freedom, democracy and peace. The development of a fascist meeting in the capital of the liberation struggle and "Gold Medal of the Resistance" is a shameful and unacceptable provocation. The ANPI Milan Provincial authorities resorted to "before it, on the basis of constitutional norms and laws and Mancino Scelba either avoided a similar offense to the City of Milan. For all those who paid with their lives for their efforts against fascism in the war and the national liberation struggle for Italy a free, democratic and antifascist.
The ANPI antifascists and we all have a hard heart principles and democratic values of freedom and fixed and guaranteed by the Republican Constitution born by the Resistance.
The call to our Constitution, freedom, democracy, respect for human rights and constitutional grounds that I am of the covenant of our civil and social community are the values that uphold contrasting the activities of organizations that the neo-naziskin refuse, they call back to hatred, racial discrimination and exhibit concepts, principles which are inspired by fascism and Nazism; meet as violence against the person, the headquarters of associations, parties, and outrages against the accused " places of memory "of the Resistance that finished last in Conciliazione Plaza, against the stone that reminds Eugenio Curiel, gold medal of the Resistance, on the 64th anniversary of his assassination.
This invites the ANPI Milanese authorities, mayors, prefects, Questore because appropriate action and not allowed the development of the event foretold by Forza Nuova. The ANPI runs a list of all citizens to democratic forces Milanese, associations, unions to act as a unit to make our city a gold medal of the Resistance is not offended by their values in the development of demonstration Fascist character.
Milan, on March 25, 2009

The mayor "does not prevent the gathering of rights"

The meeting of the European right provided by April 5th? Will be. Mayor Letizia Moratti guarantees, announced yesterday that they do not ask questore prevent and prefect of the meeting, which should be further examples of Forza Nuova, also members of the British National Party, the Front National and Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, ANPI and asked the provincial and municipal councilors center. "If demonstrations are expressions of ideas - has said - and does not become an issue of public policy does not not want me to speak. We are in a city where everyone has to be able to express the same views."
Tuesday associations partisans have launched an online list located on the because the mayor banned the rally just to "Milan, gold medal of the partisan resistance that threat of being transformed into the capital-Nazism in Europe. aclamáis are known and the racist, Xenofon, omofobiche, negazioniste of these organizations, symbolism, language, initiatives that will call back very often and unambiguously to the culture, the neo-Nazi ideas and values. "
Just to discuss the April 5 meeting was taken last night at the Labriola Cooperative assembly of the "partisans in every neighborhood," cream in the center of the 2008 Torch. Instead, tomorrow, Forza Nuova prepare a temple square in Lima to prepare for the April event.

Friday March 27 2009