[Leipzig/CZ] Defend Connewitz: Leipzig stays red!

[Leipzig/CZ] Defend Connewitz: Leipzig stays red!

Nazis from "Die Rechte" are going to organise a rally in Leipzig-Connewitz on March 18th after Legida debacle on January 1st. Connewitz is a large territory of Leipzig city district called Süd (South) and it is known as leftist and antifascist quarter.


When you attend this part of city you can feel the blow of leftist alternative. This alternative is a thorn in right wing's side. Nazis desire to destroy this living alternative hand in hand with capitalist gentrification which increases lower costs of living. They intend to ruin this true place oriented towards peoples needs.


Connewitz is worthy of strong support. It needs our backing. We, antifascists from various Czech cities, express our passionate support to Connewitz in defence against Nazi thugs. We appeal to everybody to join antifascist protests on March 18th. We will join it.

They shall not pass!

Antifa znamená útok!