Anti-G7-Protest in Nürnberg, Germany 2015.jpeg

 On the 26th and 27th of may will be held in Taormina (in the area of Messina, Sicily) the summit of the G7. G7 is the meeting between seven of the most powerful and important countries of the world; then, in this case, will join the summit the leaders of Germany, France, USA, UK, Japan, Canada and Italy with their delegations.


Trump, Merkel, Hollande and the italian Prime Minister Gentiloni will meet to compare their opinions on specific topics: cyber control, smart cities, and social security against terrorism. Beyond the specific topics this meeting will be an occasion for them to figure out new economic balances and new global war sceneries. It's another occasion for the seven "big" leaders (will be missing China and Russia) to meet up, decide about the destiny of the world, and ensure the economic interests of the lobbies.  


They have decided to do all of those terrible things in a symbol-place: Taormina, Sicily. Sicily is the european area most affected by disoccupation and emigration; Sicily is the island of the crumbling roads, the loss of water, the ruinous transport system. Taormina, one of the most tourist-known places in Sicily, the symbol of a "remarkable" place that jars with the natural and human landscape. A consumistic city whose marvellous landscape has been sold to the rich tourists passing through the Mediterranean. In this specific and meaningful place the G7 leaders will arrive to devastate, more than they did in the past: as Americans, that thought about Sicily as a war zone, so they settled in a military radar ("M.U.O.S.") with a powerful and noxious electromagnetic impact; as the French, whose multinational have bought overall the totality of the public water in our island and now they are preparing to put their hands on the garbage-business.


The Prime Minister Gentiloni will represent Italy: he is a member of the Democratic Party (PD) and a puppet of the latest Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, that during his term has destroyed our island and made our territory one of the poorest all over Europe.  


The G7 summint in Taormina could be the perfect opportunity to start raising up, to remember ourselves that territories belong to those who live in them, and that the inhabitants have the right to decide the destiny of their land instead of the laders of G7. It could be even more, a bigger opportunity than we think. War and migrations - for example - are caused first of all from these evil State leaders, personally responsible for phenomena that are upsetting the world and the life of millions of people.There is also the economic crisis, banks and financial speculations: this is the system by which those various Heads of States will board on their private planes to arrive in Sicily and tell us how beautiful is this tremendous world we live in.