Erfolgreiche Blockade der Monsanto Niederlassung bei Rotterdam

Eingang dicht - Stop Monsanto

Die Aktionsgruppe "Round Up Monsanto" hat am Montag den 17. Mai in den frühen Morgenstunden erfolgreich die Eingänge der Firma blockiert.  Mehrere Aktivisit_innen ketteten sich an den Eingängen an. "Stellt euch eine Landwirtschaft ohne Gift und Genveränderte Organismen vor - stellt euch eine Welt ohne Monsanto vor", stand auf mehreren Transparenten. Ausserdem wurden Symbole an den Fassaden gemalt, sowie riesiges genverändertes Gemüse auf dem Gelände deponiert. Monsanto hat sich gegen eine Räumung mit negativer Presse entschieden, und stattdessen ihre 350 Mitarbeiter_innen für den Tag nach Hause geschickt. Bericht indy nl | Video


Pressemitteilung der Aktivist_innen: Monsanto plant shut down by activists  - (Bergeschenhoek)

Action group Round Up Monsanto successfully shut down the main Monsanto plant in the Netherlands, formally De Ruiter Seeds. Forty activists chained themselves to the entrance gate at the wake of day and prevented personnel from entering the office buildings and greenhouses.
Thierry Boyer, head of Monsanto's European vegetable division, contacted his superiors and decided not to press charges.As a result the police will not interfere. " The company will be effectively close for the day", the police chief in charge confirmed.

Clearly Monsanto is afraid of more negative publicity connecting the company to a police eviction, and prefers to close down the plant where 350 people are employed. Many employees welcomed the action and said they were not happy with the take over of De Ruiter Seeds by Monsanto in 2008.
This action is part of the growing world wide resistance against Monsanto and other multinational agro-businesses.

Banners on the gates and on the Monsanto logo on the premises said:


"Monopoly on food and toxic agriculture - the world according to Monsanto" and "Imagine a world without poison and without GMO's - a world without Monsanto".

De Ruiter Seeds is the 3d Dutch vegetable seed company that was bought up by Monsanto in recent years. With these acquisitions the company aims to monopolise the vegetable seed market.

Monsanto is part of the 'Round Table of Responsible Soy' (RTRS), a greenwash initiative to label RoundupReady GM soy as 'responsible'. The label will be launched in June this year.