1. Mai Griechenland

ATHEN: anarchistischer Block von 2500, Zusammenstösse, TV-Bus brennt SALONIKI: Angriffe auf Vodafone, ATM und Banken, kleinere Zusammenstösse

 1. mai in griechenland, viele festnahmen, zusammenstösse zu verschiedenen zeitpunkten und orte, übertragungswagen von bullensprachrohren brennt...




After the Greek Riots
#272 | Live updates from the Mayday demonstrations in Athens and Thessaloniki

Updates will be posted here throughout the day

Update #5, 14.30 GMT+2

In Athens, there are clashes outside the Polytechnic and riot police have descended at Exarcheia square. One demonstrator is reported seriously injured in the eye, hit by police batons.

Update #4, 14.00 GMT+2

The GSEE (trade union umbrella) concert has been interrupted by anarchists throwing red and black paint on stage. On Panepistimiou, many multinational stores have been trashed and there is now clashes with the police. A TV station van is on fire. Many detentions/ arrests, difficult to identify exactly how many, we’ll have a clearer picture in a bit.

Update #3, 13.35 GMT+2

The demonstration with the anarchist block in Athens has ended up at the Propylea on Panepistimiou Ave; there are currently clashes reported with the police, who are using tear-gas.

Update #2, 13.15 GMT+2

In Athens, the anarchist block numbers approx. 2,500 people. The leadersof the umbrella trade union (GSEE) have abandoned the demonstration, under constant booing by the demonstrators.

Update #1, 12.45 GMT+2

In Thessaloniki, there were skirmishes before the demonstration started – some cafeteria owners tried to stop people from handing out leaflets and were attacked by the demonstration block en mass. ATMs, banks and a local Vodafone store have already been attacked