Bautzen Violence Mirrors Berlin’s Covert War Crimes

Refugees Welcome

It has been a burlesque playing out in between the darkness of ignorance and the politics of fear. For more than a year now, the mad psychopath at the helm of the failed vassal state in Berlin has been harassing the German population over a foreign refugee problem. And oddly enough, the issue is not the refugees themselves but what they came to stand for in politics – a tool for rearranging local society according to the ideas of a government that fails to honestly convince people thereof. The national debate over a taking of war refugees is not an appendix to local people’s efforts to arrange oneself with each other, but exactly the other way round the official statements about foreign refugees are veiled attempts of the regime to bully the population. In the case of Merkel and the refugees, the tail is wagging the dog.


The politics of fear is like the smoke from a badly fed fire. Observers cannot see a nation’s covert war crimes because they are covert – they may be happening in the open under the guise of ordinary crime, but there is no peer-reviewable information where. The only thing they get to see is the cover-up propaganda. And that propaganda may trigger blowback actions tailored to mirror the government’s war crimes against the population but instead targeting refugees for their collaboration in the big lie. But that is only because they are available as targets. When German president Gauck at an earlier visit to Bautzen told people they should get used to get harassed by his agents, he got booed down and pelted with household names and items – with unaware bystanders only finding him having said they would have to get used to encounter foreign war refugees in their daily lives. 

Both Merkel and Gauck have excessively failed the Golden Rule of representative politics: Never say We the People as long as you are in office, because We the People never are in office – we the people are watching you the officials whether you represent us or whether you are attempting to back-stab us. Where the latter is the case, people tend to go for the attacker’s knife and beat it out of its hands. In the case of Bautzen, the attacker is the central government, namely an interior resort figure from the oligarchy of that very province who has already alienated the whole nation with his violent appeasement and detrimental squandering of resources, and the refugees are the knife. As a result, the violent struggles in the streets there are not merely an issue of nationalism – as little as the defence against evil propaganda cut-ups covering up war crimes is a mere issue of ego.

Violent nationalism flares up where monopoly terror quenched all other alternatives. It takes a government that has turned foreign war refugees into props of a fraudulent policy by the word and goes on to treat them just like that. It demands refugees to understand that they draw the popular ire that their hosts have deserved, and takes them serious as stakeholders of the injustice behind the borders they aim to enter. Coverup blowback is when government harasses a dissident, circulates propaganda hysterically lamenting pathetically exaggerated and distorted claims thereof in the name of the target person as to stifle their legitimate cause, bystanders pick up the propaganda, understand it as what it is and what it is intended for, and respond to it by re-enacting what they read out of it upon a refugee who might imagine to have come to free lands.

The cover-up effort around a war crime is turned around in its effect to be used as a carrier of trying to help out against it. Coverup blowback indicates that the so-called “big lie” of propaganda implications is eroding and creates a climate where perpetrators are well advised to abstain from triggering the correctional causality link imposed upon their destructive one. An anonymous source said on the condition of lacking peer-reviewability that there was a report of the trigger incident. Apparently, a government agent attempting to intimidate a dissident it was following in a public transport bus by harassing the bus driver at high speed was yelled at by the victim with a threat of a lawsuit over dangerous interference in traffic operations. The driver cautiously complained the agent had superior privileges but none to override employer rules. The agent was humiliated and after being told in front of the crowd that he was wasting taxpayer money lost its temper and spurred invectives.

This had already happened a few weeks ago, the source said. But the agents stole the dissident’s data over the next appointment with his doctor and took it as an opportunity to appear on the bus again, this time with a larger team prepared against intervention, and a bit more practised playing on the edge of endangering oneself and others in the carriage. But the revenge did not play out well, the dissident kept a straight face, and quit the bus with a loud and clear sorry to all passengers in the name of his imbecile followers. The agents were humiliated again and longing for revenge.

On the return trip from the doctor, the bus was nearly full, and soon the dissident noticed knees repeatedly pushing into the back of his seat and found there was a thug placed in his neck attempting to provoke a fistfight with a person just regenerating from exhausting treatment. The dissident hit back into the seat thrice, while somewhere a child was beginning to cry, left the bus and dropped his ticket on the street as if it was a ballot box and the agents unhappy with his choice of doctor. The source said the triple humiliation of an entire crowd of agents, among them many insufficiently informed by their own peers, spurred an unusual eruption of cover-up propaganda in the usual astroturf dumps, which then triggered the blowback crowd at Bautzen.

Agents specialised into the abuse and harassment of dissidents have become so unpopular in all strata of German society that nearly every blind effort, including violent nationalism, is now guided by some stripe of opposition against their activities. This is easily understood when it is being realised that incidents like the one described by the anonymous source are a common ingredient of everyday life in Germany, despite them taking insane efforts of government agents to attempt to covertly bully opponents. Either the authorities have no doctors around for a sanity check on their activities, or an entire profession is involved as badly as in the Hitler years. Hundreds of paid service hours are squandered to bring about a few moments of treacherous intimidation, and even they cannot stand without yet another cover-up.

This has lowered the bar for political conflicts as well, as Bautzen has now demonstrated again. After the Arab Spring, in the Libyan war Merkel fell to her agents’ temptation of enabling the imperialist aggression. In the Ukrainian ‘colour uprising’ she already lacked a meaningful position ending up as an Unitedstates mouthpiece blaming Russia for defending itself against military coup. In the Syrian conflict, she is now abusing Turkey as a prop for her domestic wagging-the-dog campaign. And, last but not least, when the Syrian poison gas asked everywhere for asylum, without any involvement of parliament or public, she launched a takeover bid inviting herself an influx of war refugees of which many say it is a tool against the local population.

Many Germans hold the reservation that a central government implementing a social engineering nightmare to intertwine refugees with locals might be preparing to intertwine locals with each other under the domination of its own particular interest. And indeed, it would have been wiser for Berlin to leave the any cheer-leading to the population and implement public consensus with no ado. Many people there are cheer-leading to leave more refugees in whenever they see the seriousness level of political debate go below international standards, because they regard refugees as development aid on legs for their compatriots.  But being an asset of Saudi corruption, Merkel was desperately looking for a cause to hijack and got tempted by the feedback. She attempted to ensnare these of her opponents who are calling the rest of the world for help against her and failed pathetically.

Like all of her, Merkel’s Syria policy was modelled on an effort to please the Americans, to whom she is providing German territory for military bases used in wars incompatible with the constitution she alleges to be subscribed to, as well as air space at insufficient peace safety standards. But now even her own electorate does not quite believe in the proclaimed economic fruitfulness of these efforts, and her conservative party is decaying at an amazing speed. But the Merkel government excessively builds roads and bunkers that in its immediate aftermath are going to take symmetric efforts to be appropriately torn out and filled up. It is grabbing for food market domination with a German monopolist taking over Unitedstates agrochemical flagship Monsanto.

That this treacherous move could no longer be postponed behind ensnarement point shows how precarious the situation has become. The destructive economic forces of which Merkel is a tool – Christian food crisis experts have cast a devastating constitutional judgement upon Monsanto’s basic policies – are beginning to throw their modesty over board as to go for all of the dead end. It is noteworthy that they do so even as these moves do decrease the chances of ensnarement. That several of a regime’s goals which earlier were not are becoming contradictory signifies that it has passed the zenith of its power. Domestically, Merkel stands for a coalition government that has come under pressure from all directions.

Greens, which oddly enough sympathise with the conservative figure, are being kept in check by Socialists. On the other side, conservatives are being kept in check by Alternatives. The so-called “social democrats”, due to a record of regime changes the oldest remaining political party, actually liberals, are the biggest affinity group still supporting Merkel’s failed policies, but remain incapable of self-reliant long-term visions, either falling to neoliberalist scams or being junior partners of other parties. Two generations after Stalin’s death, an imitation of a communist party without the vision of communism ceased being useful even as a sunset resort for stranded Soviet emigrants, and the only asset thereof neoliberalist business whores regularly feel tempted to flesh out is the emotional potential of a legacy voter base addicted to solidarity rhetoric.

Politically, the Monsanto grab stands for Merkel’s speculation upon civilian trade deals being enacted as human shields of military collaborations. For that purpose, her government has worked out various treaty proposals with the North Americans, all of which at the first glance display a similar passion for four-letter-word retronyms as the military structures established two generations ago. At a closer look, it turns out to be a naive sell-out: The decline of the current international system is being taken as a pretext to corporatise nations, instead of nationalising corporations. The Atlantic partners would be well advised to look at the Pacific, where similar regulations a century ago prompted Russia to sell off some of its territory, a deal it still regrets, besides the fact that it paved the way for later political territorial swaps in peace treaties that now are being abused for military purposes by the Americans.

It is child-easy to predict that just like the collapse of her illusion of an environmental cause, that preceded Merkel’s appearance in the refugee costume, the impending collapse of her social engineering ideology is to be followed by a substitute for the loss. It is most likely that this substitute cause once run empty is going to be followed by the next substitute cause, and that could be her regime’s brazen collaboration with the American occupiers. It is only a few months back that her government abstained on a Brussels member states vote on genetically manipulated food under the pretext her coalition was balanced undecided upon the issue – but even if that then still would have been so it now displays that it no longer is. After she failed to achieve popularity by sacrificing the population’s social ideals to an ensnarement temptation, Merkel might be inclined to make the same mistake once again and sacrifice their food security to a toxic military asset.

If this does not stop early enough, such as Turkey is to receive the renegade conservative who allowed himself to be pimped by the Americans once it releases the revolutionary leader it received because it allowed itself to be pimped by the Americans, she is to be delivered to a coordinated anti-occupation effort. Taking refugees from Syria from her view is meant to prepare here against having to defend herself in Damascus for undermining anti-occupation solidarity. Once it comes to that, and her government’s war crimes are being weighed against these of the rest of the world, a little lead on one side is going to make up for many feathers on another, leaving Berlin with an extremely unfavourable result. Merkel assumes that she is going to need human shields to avoid an appropriate outcome, hence her attitude reveals what she is speculating upon.

The aggressive nationalism displayed at Bautzen is a straw fire, meant to produce smoke signs not heat. Yet unlike any other opposition movement, it has the means to build up the momentum to catapult a fraudulent national government into external constellations and perceptions that might be beneficial in order to defuse the totalitarian threat emanating from the Merkel coalition government.  This is all the more remarkable as it is the balance among the nation states as it was established in central Europe before current arrangements took places whose erosion is widely pointed out as the root cause of global war. The nations are not going down because one of them actually is a belated caricature of an empire lusting for monopoly dominance – that, resp. the condition of the possibility thereof, is a mere consequence of their failure. The nation states are going down because the peace treaty framework that established them at a much lower population density has turned out insufficient for so many billions on the planet to rely upon to get along with each other.

Monday, Sep 19th 2016