[GR] Report of the action at Thessaloniki airport

Action at Thessaloniki airport

On last Saturday a group of people from all over Europe blocked the security check at the airport Thessaloniki for about 1.5 hours. We interrupted the daily routine of the airport in order to protest against the racist European border regime.


Currently more than 50.000 people are blocked in Greece, located in isolated camps in inhuman conditions. They neither have the possibility to create themselves a future in Greece, nor can they return to their countries of origin, nor travel onwards safely. The precarious limbo situations pushes people into the hands of human traffickers and into routes that endanger their lives. The current EU asylum politics limit the freedom of movement to privileged people with certain papers and denies safe passage to others.


We do not accept the massive loss of lives in the Mediterranean sea, in detention centers and elsewhere.

We oppose deportations and illegal pushbacks.

We demand papers for all or no papers at all!