[Ljubljana] Kurzes Update zur aktuellen Situation im ROG


Short update of the current situation in ROG (no official statement): Ljubljana, 29th of June 2016 More Infos about what is the ROG and what happened before the 14th of June: https://linksunten.indymedia.org/en/node/181613

"Since the temporary injunction we got in court on 13th of June there has been no direct (physical) attempt of eviction; the injunction prohibits the owner (municipality of Ljubljana) to remove the users of Rog himself/with help from security. It also prohibits them to enter with diggers and other machines or to start the construction work. But it is not the final decision and means just a temporary solution in order to buy time. Rog users are negotiating with the municipality of Ljubljana about the future of Rog. Apart from being a way of buying time, we are also trying to negotiate on restoration of "dangerous" parts as well as remediation of the toxic substances in parts of the factory. We will propose our own plans in the near future that make sure we stay autonomous and the area stays open for public use and not for the use of capital. Since the last fascist attack on 10th of June there has been no new attacks, which might have something to do with the fact that there is a lot of police standing in front of our door most of the time. But their presence is apparent. We would like to send solidarity greetings to the fighting comrades of rigaer street in berlin and all the others. lets keep fighting!" * More Infos here: http://tovarna.org/ https://www.facebook.com/ohranimorog