Anarchist in custody for pie attack

Raus aus dem Knast!

Last weekend, E from Cistem Failure got arrested during the gay pride in Oslo.Unexpectedly, the cops are making a big deal out of the whole thing. E was held in the police station over the weekend before being brought to court today. The judge decided today not to release E, so they are currently being held on remand in custody until their hearing, which must happen in the next 28 days.


At the hearing it will be decided if they are guilty or not and what their possible sentence will be (their lawyer expects between 20 and 40 days in prison). However, the time they spend in prison on remand will be subtracted from their final sentence. So if for example they wait 20 days until their hearing, and then get a sentence of 20 days, then they will have already served their time.

They have been charged under Straffenloven ยง 128, for hindering a state official from carrying out their work. They are accused of throwing a pie in the face of Solveig Horne, an asshole, sexist, racist politician from the right-wing Progress Party, who had the cheek to march in the front row of the Pride parade. She is the Norwegian Minister for Equality, Children and Social Inclusion. She is known for her victim blaming, and has in the past said has made homophobic remarks such as "Is it okay that kindergartens read gay fairy-tales for young children?". The Progress Party are a known racist party that gives zero fucks about refugees.

Anyway, we think it is strange that in general politicians are leading Pride, have they forgotten about Stonewall? People can have Pride as long as it means assimilating into capitalism and shit. I mean, why be homophobic when queers also have voting rights and have money to buy things with? The gay pride in Oslo gave the equality price this year to the police...

Anyway. They are gonna be in jail for a bit and it would be cool if peeps would send letters, talk about the case, play our music, do a soliparty, write a song. If you want to know more or get updated, or do something or just have chat you can email this address.
You can send letters (until we have a better address) here:
Oslo ABC, Postboks 6689 St.Olavs plass 0129 Oslo Norway

Until then, none are free until all are free.

cake is not a crime!

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