Nuit Debout Berlin - 27.04.16

Hey everyone!


The next meeting of Nuit Debout Berlin is tomorrow (Wednesday at 7pm, Mariannenplatz).If you are curious about Nuit Debout, come, see, and take part!

 For a very quick idea of what we do: Nuit Debout is an open forum, anyone can come and talk to the General Assembly. The idea is to talk all together, mostly about the failures of our systems - the so-called "liberal democracies" - and what we could/should do about it. Personal stories, inspiring readings, songs; everything is welcomed! We have working group - called Commissions - adressing particular issues in smaller groups; anyone can join a Commission any time.

Important: the language of the General Assembly is English, but we provide live translation if necessary. If people don't feel confortable with speaking in English, they can express themselves in front of the Assembly in any language they want (preferably that we can translate), someone will translate.


To know more about what we do, here you can find all the publics links, including reports:


Nuit Debout Berlin meets twice a week, on Wednesday (7pm) and on Saturday (we are currently talking about the time the meeting should be, but it will be around 5-7pm).


Most information are on facebook, but we are a website (probably not definitive, and not up to date right now):


I completely understand that you don't want to use facebook, but unless you are even against opening it, you can access to the information without having an account, as they are public!

Here is a video made about Nuit Debout Berlin: