"Media activism in the favela: state violence, resistance and way of life"

Infoveranstaltung - meuterei Berlin/Kreuzberg- Reichenbergerstr. 58

Talk with Thainã de Medeiros, museologist and activist from the Complexo do Alemão favela, Rio de Janeiro.
Coletivo Papo Reto (the Straight Talk Collective) is a community journalism collective that uses communication to mobilise and discuss issues related to favelas in Rio de Janeiro. They have taken on an urgent and inspiring role in the development of alternative forms of journalism and communication emerging in Rio's favelas. The Collective also fights for the upholding of human rights, as well as for keeping their own way of life, and works to document and denounce violations committed by the police in popular territories.

Thainã de Medeiros is a member of Papo Reto. He grew up in Complexo da Penha and lives in Complexo do Alemão, two neighbouring communities that share similar realities with a continuous presence of "pacifying police units" (UPPs). He will explain what the impact of this situation is in the daily lives of the people who live in these areas.