Nuclear, climate, coal, oil news 2 April

Coal and nuclear

It’s getting harder, and more ridiculous, to separate nuclear issues from fossil fuel issues. Nuclear and coal power are really intertwined, indeed depending on each other, and both contributing to global warming. And now there’s the global oil corruption scandal, which really can’t be ignored. Australia is right in the thick of it. 



Australian and Marshall Islander nuclear test survivors demand a ban on nuclear weapons.

CLIMATE and ENERGY. Urgent need to shift to zero carbon power – as soon as 2018. Axe over controversial Shenhua coal mine in New England. Australia’s home solar battery company launches new product. Australia wasting over $2.5 million investigating ‘wind turbine syndrome‘. China’s State Grid Eyes Australia

POLITICS. We assume that Julie Bishop will oppose radioactive trash import, as she fears nuclear terrorism

It’s wrong to sell Australian uranium to critically unsafe Ukraine. The country that fuelled Fukushima to sell uranium to the country that gave us Chernobyl

SOUTH AUSTRALIA changes to Aboriginal Heritage Act – a precursor to nuclear waste dumping?

Desert Liberation Front (anti uranium) to rally outside Olympic Dam

 Nuclear waste dump plan

WESTERN AUSTRALIA Faults exposed with Mulga Rock uranium mining proposal 

QUEENSLAND Federal solar funding switch to hurt state

AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY funding battery storage in homes.

VICTORIA.  At last Victoria might now get going, farming solar energy.

NEW SOUTH WALES.  Origin energy buys power from Moree solar farm.



NUCLEAR SECURITY SUMMIT Four dangers overlooked . Absence of Russia at nuclear security summit. US and UK to do cyber attack tests on a nuclear power plant.

CLIMATE and ENERGY   By 2018 world must shift to zero carbon, to avoid extra dangerous global warming.  USA and China – joint statement: both will sign Paris climate deal. Rockefeller to ditch oil, gas, holdings on ethical and economic grounds: criticises Exxon Mobil    Clean coal” technology is not working.   Renewable energy taking over the world- already.   Report: Clean Energy Economy Employs More than 2.5 Million Americans, Poised for More Growth.

Global Marketing frenzy to sell nuclear reactors to the Middle East.




Donald Trump would contemplate dropping nuclear bomb on Europe.  White House says Donald Trump’s nuclear policy is ‘catastrophic’.  Donald Trump and Ted Cruz agree on undoing Obama’s climate action work.

The coming wave of shutdowns of old nuclear reactors in America. Troubled history of New York’s Indian Point nuclear power station. Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station desperate for money: call for taxpayer funding.

North Dakota rejects plan for experimental deep borehole (preliminary test for nuclear waste disposal)  Radiation in seafood. Is that why California bans commercial crab fishing?

Community solar power now getting the backing of energy utilities.


BELGIUM. All about the terrorists’ plan to attack Belgium’s nuclear power station

CHINA is building a national electricity grid. And “China pushes for mandatory integration of renewable power. Co-operation on super grid – China, Pakistan, South Korea. Global electricity network – China’s plan.

RUSSIA building new multiple-warhead nuclear missiles.

JAPAN  journalists under pressure from government.  

AFRICA. New proof that South Africa planned a binding nuclear deal with Russia.

INDIA. Rural Indians’ lawsuit against coal power plant is dismissed by USA judge.


Christina Macpherson
Antinuclear Australia