February 20 Nuclear News this week

Investigative journalism lives! Article of the week, below, about UK banks

AUSTRALIA – Nuclear Royal Commission Special: On 15th February Commissioner Kevin Scarce delivered the “tentative findings” of South Australia’s NuclearFuel Cycle Royal Commission.  In short, these were: Major recommendation for South Australia to make billions by importing, managing, storing and disposing of nuclear waste. Low key support for uranium mining expansion. Not supportive (at present) for uranium enrichment, further processing. But at the same time favours nuclear fuel leasing. Not supportive of nuclear power, but South Australia should prepare for it anyway, perhaps needed later on.


Mainstream Media responses to the report varied from jubilant in South Australia to pretty much ignored in Australia as whole. Alternative media was a lot more probing and critical e.g: The Conversation,  REneweconomy,  The Australia Institute  The Saturday Paper and my own website

However, the significant thing about mainstream media coverage and the lack thereof, is that there seems to be a sort of “nuclear gentlemens’ agreement” that the whole thing only concerns the State of South Australia, not Australia as a whole.

All sorts of issues in this DO concern the rest of Australia – overturning of National Environment and Radiation Laws, sea, rail and road transport of dangerous radioactive trash and the accompanied security problems, secrecy and surveiilance.

Does Australia really want to be the only nation in the world to invite in the world’s radioactive trash? What about Australia’s reputation as safe and clean?

Will the rest of us have to prop up South Australia, bail it out, when the trash import project all comes financially unstuck, and South Australia is left with the biggst “stranded asset” of all time?

The ‘Tentative Findings’ report is posted at: http://nuclearrc.sa.gov.au/tentative-findings/

The deadline for written submissions responding to the interim report is March 18 (see the Royal Commission website for details).

The final report will be published in May 2016.


UN ruling on Julian Assange, and Constitutional Law.

Paris terrorist attackers had planned to target Belgian nuclear reactors.   Belgian terror suspect had video of high ranking nuclear official.

Stolen nuclear material in Iraq – risk of an Islamic State “dirty bomb”.

EUROPE is more than 118 billion euros short of funds needed to decommission its nuclear reactors.Limited liabilityfor Germany’s nuclear operators in nuclear phaseout.

BRITAIN’s nuclear project Hinkley Point C staggers again. UK public conned by vested interests into funding Trident nuclear weapons system.

Call on the British govt to hold a public enquiry on the murder of Hilda Murrell. The unsolved murder of Hilda Murrell, Anti-Nuclear Activist.

FRANCE: EDF in its financial woes, extends the life of four nuclear reactors. EDF dodges making a decision on UK Hinkley nuclear station. Defective pressure vessel could seal the tomb of the EPR nuclear reactor.

UKRAINE. Radiation causing Chernobyl’s wild animals to lose their sight.


16 new child thyroid cancers confirmed in Fukushima’s children.

Fukushima couple wins landmark case against TEPCO. Fukushima evacuees urged to individually file suits against TEPCO. 9,600 members of Fukushima plaintiff association suing Japanese govt and TEPCO.

TEPCO Turning Off Radiation Monitors While Testing Contaminated Waste Incinerators.  Fukushima’s nuclear waste problems piling up.  More than 1,100 water storage tanks at Fukushima plant … and counting.


St Louis underground fire moves closer to radioactive trash dump.

Radioactive groundwater a difficult problem at Vermont Yankee nuclear site.

Nuclear industry funded under the mask of “clean energy” – the Breakthrough Institute.  USA Government quietly funding billionaires’ nuclear folly.

Nuclear crooks prosper in USA.

Moapa Band of Paiute Indians fear a nuclear waste dump being imposed at Yucca Mountain. Native Americans’water supply contaminated by uranium mining.

US Energy Dept cites two companies for violations at Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP).

Tennessee Valley Authority considers selling its unfinished Bellefonte Nuclear Plant. New nuclear reactors plan abandoned in Alabama.

USA had nuclear weapons on Okinawa- declassified information, but everyone knew anyway.

CANADA  Push to not just postpone nuclear waste burial near Great Lakes, but to stop it altogether. Official Canadian report reveals Fukushima radioactive iodine in rain reached West Coast of America.

INDIA . Corporate elites push their toxic nuclear products onto India

SOUTH AFRICA . President’s very problematic nuclear deal with Russia.


Christina Macpherson
Antinuclear Australia