Nuclear news, climate news to 12 February

On Monday February 15, the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Chain (sorry "Cycle') Royal Commission will announce its "tentative findings" . They're most likely to concentrate on importing nuclear wastes. The pretense may be kept up, that this is only a South Australian matter. But it's possible that the Australian media will notice it, and no doubt commend it, too? In this week's news I single out two significant themes - 1. the analysis of Senator Sean Edwards' plan for importing nuclear wastes, and 2. the fact that big corporations are investing in renewable energy. Now, isn't Australia's Liberal Coalition government supposed to be on the side of business? Are they aware that Telstra and AGL Energy are not, in fact, tree-hugging hippies out to destroy Australia's economy?


1. Australia Institute Analyses Senator Sean Edwards' Nuclear Plan For South Australia. 
    Sean Edwards proposal for nuclear pot of gold - a myth, says South Australia's Conservation Council.  
    Even Adelaide newspaper aware of unrealism of Sen Edwards nuclear fantasy.
    Here's how the Australia Institute demolishes the argument for  importing nuclear waste, and for new nuclear (PRISM) technology.  
    Environmental Defenders Office (SAoutlines critical issues in proposal for nuclear waste facility.
    Traditional Owners vow to fight nuclear proposals ahead of the Royal Commission’s draft report
    Greens ready for #NuclearCommissionSAust report "all about waste dumping"


2.  Telstra to rollout solar and battery storage technologies. Companies like AGL waiting for government clarity on renewable energy policy. Australia's Biggest Electricity Company AGL launches $3b renewable energy fundAdani going for solar energy in Australia.

South Australia -  decision on nuclear expansion at end of 2016.



Hunt for site to dump LucasHeights radioactive trash. Friends of Omanama: A local community’s perspective on national nuclear waste storage. Senator Scott Ludlam backs 6 Australian communities opposing nuclear waste dump. Strong opposition to Hill End nuclear waste plan- petition

A big mistake to gut CSIRO climate change research.

They meant Environment Minister Greg Hunt won World's Best Milliner  (not Minister).

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency In bushfire season, solar microgrids and batteries are safer than conventional grid. South Australia Riverland farmers get new crop - harvesting the sun. Clean Energy Finance Corporation funds  energy-efficient housing..


Armed transport ships spotted in Panama Canal, headed for secret mission to later transport plutonium.

The very secretive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Arbitrary detention of Julian Assange - United Nations finding.

JAPAN. Fukushima nuclear station area has drastic mass death of species. What is to be done with all Fukushima's radioactive trash? Japan Nuclear Regulation Authority Says No to Fukushima Daiichi's Ice Wall.   

5,300 tons of Fukushima radioactive trash dumped in 5 prefectures.

UK may be getting Beautiful Nuclear Cathedrals (Amber Rudd will be pleased).  The UK ghost ships with the  deadly nuclear cargo.  Huge production of radioactive trash would come from Hinkley point C nuclear reactor.   Hinkley Nuclear Project: trials and Tribulations Continue, and EDF is in dire financial straits. £100 billion. Confusion about financing of UK's Hinkley nuclear power project. UK govt spurns the success of renewable energy, follows the dodgy chimera of "Small Nuclear Reactors" . Trident nuclear weapons system could all too soon  become obsolete.

EUROPE. Court action against nuclear reactors in Belgium.  Nuclear utility Vattenfall in crisis  - third consecutive annual loss. Ukraine buying Western technology, plans to double its nuclear power.

FRANCE   Electricite De France (EDF) faces €100bn bill for upgrading ageing nuclear power stations.



    Indian Point power plant radioactive leakCall for closure of Indian Point Nuclear Station while radioactive leak is investigated.  
    Fire/Explosion Reported at North Carolina Nuclear Plant. At Pilgrim nuclear power plant, security officer skipped more than 200 fire watches.
    South Carolina takes legal action against DOE over unfinished Nuclear Fuel Project.
    New Texas nuclear reactors not going to happen anytime soon, despite Fed approval.
    The decline of the South Carolina Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication (MOX) Nuclear Reprocessing Facility.
    Should Georgia's electricity customers get hit with the ballooning costs of Vogtle nuclear power plant?
    Signing of  Trans Pacific Partnership: Bernie Sanders opposes it.
    Most Curious Page of President’s Three Mile Island Nuclear Disaster Report: What is Hidden?  Will It Be Declassified?


SOUTH AFRICA. Nuclear "renaissance" to Nuclear Fascism.


CHINA. China's nuclear fusion experiment - it's still decades away from practical application. Problems for China's nuclear power plans.


INDIA. Ambiguities in  marketing nuclear reactors to India. Convention on Supplementary Compensation (CSC) does not override India's nuclear liability law.

CLIMATE CHANGE & RENEWABLE ENERGY Sea-level rise ‘could last twice as long as human history’. New study: Meeting carbon reduction goals economically means no nuclear powerWorld's largest solar plant to be switched on in Morocco.

Christina Macpherson
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