Anti uranium mining walk in Western Australia

Karlamilyi Walk 2016

The Karlamilyi Walk from Parnngurr to Waturarra (Kintyre) – 5th -12th June 2016 -has just gone online with registrations open. There are limited spots available.


KARLALMYI WALK: 5th – 12th June 2016 Registrations are open:

“Come with us (Martu) we’ll walk to stop the uranium mining on our country. We’ll walk through Karlamilyi, not far, across Karlamilyi river. Walk through Lullapakujarra up to Punumullara then to Puljcatja – big water, up to Desert Queen Baths and then Kintyre.”

 The walk will start at Parnngurr Community in the Karlamilyi National Park – 360km East of Newman in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The walk will end at Cameco and Mitsubishi’s proposed Kintyre uranium mine at Waturarra.  For more details about the walk dates, logistics, and background to the uranium mine issues check out the website here.