Nuclear news at the end of January 2016

Nuclear News

Nuclear news at the end of January 2016



New South Wales. Hill End community remains resolute against radioactive waste plan.

South Australia. Anti nuclear atomic physicist is South Australia's Senior Citizen of The Year.  South Australian Cabinet nuclear stooge Leesa Vlahos already spruiking for nukes!.

Just a few of the pro nuclear Submissions to South Australia's Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission :


Western Australia   KARLALMYI WALK: 5th - 12th June 2016 anti uranium mining .

CLIMATE:RENEWABLE ENERGY  Science researcher debunks Tony Abbott's climate claims. End for mains-only power, with solar energy storage?



Doomsday Clock to stay at 3 minutes to midnight.

The growing climate problem of data farms' consumption of energy.




FRANCE. French unions unhappy with arrangements for UK's Hinkley nuclear build.  Fatal rockfall at planned French repository site. France's President Hollande visits India, hoping to market nuclear reactors.




UK. The nuclear revolving door: Former Labour MP appointed boss of nuclear industry trade body. It's looking increasingly as if the Hinkley C Nuclear EPR is dead in the water. What if EDF says no to Hinkley Point? The danger of transporting plutonium.


CANADA. A major economic drain - the renovation of Darlington nuclear station.


CHINA . China supports UN move to denounce North Korea over nuclear test. Safety concerns cause China to halt construction of two nuclear reactors.


SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa's nuclear corporation in a mess.


RENEWABLE ENERGY  Solar power an economic winner for Chile.  Japan starts work on 'world's largest' floating solar farm. Solar panel costs to fall 10% every year.


Christina Macpherson
Antinuclear Australia