Syria Deports Misrouted CIA Agent

In Damascus, the government announced on Friday that it would put into an air plane to Munich a CIA agent parachuted into Syria to obtain operational data on oil well exploitation, after a military court ruled it had been air-dropped into Assad territory rather than Islamic State territory because its handlers had „old maps.“ The Syrian military said since the suspect had not obtained any industrial information and due to an error of his operators failed to produce any technical results, it had ruled the case unsuitable for prisoner exchange with the Islamic State side and therefore re-routed it into the refugee pipeline. The CIA agent is scheduled to arrive in Munich Sunday morning.


There Jeffrey G., a former propagandist for CIA front end program „Radio Free Europe“, is expected to be received by US agents and put into a covert barrack masquerading as a Family Research Centre, before being forwarded to a military occupation base near the French border for medical exams and questioning by a chairperson of his employer.

According to Syrian military sources, during his employment by the propaganda broadcaster G. had been embedded into the German army, reporting on drone pilot activities as part of Berlin´s efforts to lobby Washington over the issue of purchasing permits for US military equipment. One source elaborated that G. was wanted by Islamic State authorities for his involvement with the drone program, but it was important for the Syrian side to rescue the political climate by demonstrating that it did not rule by exchange value.

Assad´s  ambassador to Berlin was quoted on Qatar state television with a statement that the case iconified the lack of legitimacy behind the recent wave of violations of Syrian airspace by the US and its accomplices from Berlin to Qatar. The iconic case had therefore been chosen to put the decision whether to try the same again with current maps into the hands of the perpetrators.