Call for global action to save Aboriginal communities

Activists trying to save remote ancestral communities from destruction by Australian governments are again appealing for your support in their fifth global call to action. The appeal comes from #SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA, a group formed in November 2014 specifically to stop the forced closure of Aboriginal communities. The group says service providers have already been told not to renew their contracts. They refer in a media release ( to an announcement that eight indigenous individuals have been confirmed to determine the fate of 274 Aboriginal communities in Western Australia, while the state’s government claims this to be a ‘consultative process’.


The people appointed are Patrick Davies, Brenda Garstone, Mary O'Reeri and Martin Sibosado to the Kimberley Council and Adrian Brahim, Kate George, Triscilla Holborow and Jason Masters to the Pilbara Council. 



A similar appeal in May triggered protests across several countries and attracted wide international media attention.



“A new date has been set for the 5th Global Call to Action – Friday 27th November 2015.”



#SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA claims an extended reach in excess of 12 million people and a direct reach close to 75,000.



“Our goal goes well beyond any ‘consultation’. Regardless of who is prime minister, we are committed to keeping our communities on their homelands and we have been consulting among our own people to develop sustainable and viable models for communities, outstations and seasonal campsites.



“To support this work, we are steadily galvanising support from NGOs, unions, the legal fraternity and public figures and have built a skills database with submissions from thousands of everyday people worldwide, who care as much as we do about our Aboriginal culture and human rights.



“#SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA itself will be scaled up to increase its capacity, whilst supporting a cultural revolution, political platform and fundraising campaign."



The Western Australian government announced on its website: “Eight Aboriginal Leaders have been appointed to help the State Government drive major reforms to the way infrastructure and services and provided to Aboriginal communities in Western Australia. They will join Strategic Regional Advisory Councils being established in the Kimberley and Pilbara to advise the State Government on regional services reform.”



#TEAMSOS has commented to me in an email: “Essentially the government now are calling ‘frced closure’ ‘reform’ - it's all one and the same and as we know they have already issued letters to the service providers to not renew their contracts. 




“By donating now, you will be making a contribution to enable Aboriginal Communities to access green energy, which is a critical step forward in viability and one we will be able to leverage on for further support."






Music giants team up to help


Four Australian music giants - including Aborigines Archie Roach and Emma Donovan - have banded together to record new versions of two classic Indigenous tracks, Blackfella/Whitefella by Warumpi Band and Roach’s Down City Streets. Sale proceeds will go to SOS Blak Australia and a nationwide movement to support remote Indigenous Australian communities, including those under threat from an end to government funding in Western Australia. ‘It’s important that we keep people on country,’ Roach says, ‘because country keeps us safe, keeps us strong’.



Hear them explain what they’re doing, and part of one of the songs, in this video.



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