Protest: UN supports land theft and destruction of rainforests


The executive of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change has decided to give emission credits to soy, oil palm and other plantations for producing agrofuels.


The agro-energy industries subsidised by the European and American governments can look forward to even greater windfalls in the millions.

This decision has to be overturned. P{lease support our protest action because this decision will worsen climate change and escalates the destruction of rainforest.

Land robbery, water and environment pollution as well as hunger will increase.

You can sign a protest letter here:


9,749 people took part in our protests against the burning of palm oil in a Berlin combined power and distant heating station, the Fernheizwerk Neukölln (FHW). The operators have now stated that at the end of the year they will stop producing electricity and heat with palm oil. The FHW’s letter is at

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