Gr: Financial aid for the arrested of RESALTO social center.

°Financial Aid for the judge guarantees in solidarity with the arrested people of anarchist RESALTO°


After the police attack during the evening of Saturday 5th December against the Resalto social center, all the 22 comrades set free after Pireaus courts decision on Tuesday early mourning 8th December.

For their non-prejail custody and their freedom until the trial they are under restrictive terms but also high money guarantees.

The total money amount of the guarantees rises up to 51.000 euros.

More specific: For one of the arrested the guarantee rises up to 15.000, for three others 5.000 each and for the other seven persons the guarantee rises up to 3.000 for each one.

All the money guarantees must be deposited until Thursday 17 December, but to avoid any bureaucratic jams it would be usefull if the money could be collected until Tuesday 15th of December.

For the Financial Aid of the 22 arrested of RESALTO a Solidarity Fund was constructed.

For more information contact with: 0030-6973657960 or