A letter from Paul, anarchist prisoner of Operation Piñata (Spain)

Raus aus dem Knast!

Cheers comrades and those in affinity.

I would like to convey a few words to the outside as an anarchist and taking as valid the multiple postures and visions which anarchism can adopt, all of them always being of equal validity when they seek the destruction of power, authority and the State. I believe that it is there where the beauty of our ideas resides and to my understanding all these paths could coexist and converge in a connected form in search of the total liberation so longed for.

I want to express my hate, repulsion and contempt for all which comprises the State, power, authority and especially the tool of annihilation called prison, using isolation as one of its greatest exponents. I've always defended the idea that the anarchists must prepare themselves and assume that at any moment could arrive the day in which you must go to jail, and to my understanding, it's something logical since at wanting to destroy the State, the State would try to make it so that you end up enclosed in order to annul you, paralyze and destroy you. But in spite of all that, they won't succeed. Nevertheless if by fate you remain untouched, better for everyone.

I would like to comment that I'm doing well physically and mentally. I continue thinking in the same way as before entering and possibly more reaffirmed of my ideas, with the head held high and proud of what we are. I am how I behave and my relation in theory and praxis and always with self-critique in order to continue growing since we never stop learning and with that which I just expressed I don't feel better or worse than anyone.

I would like to convey strength and spirit to the comrades and those in affinity and tell you with all the force and rage that I have that the struggle is the only way. These strikes of repression seek to frighten and paralyze the sphere of anarchists and those in affinity and make it so that only assistance work for the victims of repression is done. Don't permit that to occur and stay firm with your projects and don't doubt about continuing to say what you are and what you believe.

Towards the achievement of true total liberation!
May solidarity not only be a written word!


In the Soto del Real Penitentiary Center,
Spring 2015