Another Police Raid on Climate Campaigners

Police Raid in Copenhague, 09.12.09

In the early hours of Wednesday 9th December hundreds of police raided the accomodation centre at Ragnhildgade where climate protestors were sleeping. The police seized many items including work tools, meeting notes and work rotas, documents and permits, paint, and items for self defence including shields.


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Tannie Nyboe, of Climate Justice Action said, "It's completely disproportionate for the police to come in at three o'clock in the morning, surround the sleeping-spaces and intimidate a lot of sleeping guests. It's really unacceptable for the police not to use the liaison process that we set up and very worrying that this is how Denmark is being portrayed to our international guests."


This was the second raid on sleeping spaces, the first was at Teglholmen, on 4th December, when police detained and handcuffed 15-20 people. The raid was criticised as being an attempt to intimidate and harass climate activists. The police spokesperson Flemming Steen Munch later apologised.


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