Videobericht 1. Mai Okmeydanı [Istanbul] - "GLASS MARBLES AGAINST LEAD BULLETS"


Incidents at Okmeydani Neighborhood of Istanbul on the 1st of May (Labor Day) from the morning hours until the end of the clashes.

You will see when you watch the video; there was no ending to the gas bombs and plastic bullets fired all along the day. As if these were not enough, Anti-terror police stepped in during the final waves of the attack. Moving down to the Sibel Yalcin Park located at the bottommost of the neighborhood, the special operation police fired at least 12 rounds with their pistols. Meanwhile we, (a big brother from the neighborhood and my friend named Oral from the CameraStreet collective) took cover behind an old, burnt car which was being used as a barricade (as a matter of fact that was the only barricade set up). At that moment, the pistol of the anti-terror police misfired, he tried 3-4 times but failed. Then he continued to fire. A total of 12 rounds. Then we raised and showed our cameras and shouting that we were from the press we hardly passed to the “safe” zone!

You can see that at minute 10 and second 15 that we are raising our press cards and hear the anti-terror police shouting and pointing his pistol to us.

Note: Some images have been blurred for the purpose of security.