Join more than 4,000 extraordinary climate actions across nearly every country

Dear friends,

Last month, from events in hundreds of cities, we flooded world leaders' phone lines with the Global Climate Wake-Up Call. This Saturday is the next global day of action on climate change--a worldwide wave of extraordinary events that will show leaders the accelerating breadth, power, and clarity of the gobal climate movement.

On Saturday, thanks to more than a year of organizing by our friends at and others, citizens have assembled more than 4000 extraordinary climate actions across nearly every country, from the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef to the summit of Mount Everest. Now, by joining actions in our own communities, we can supercharge the day and make the climate movement impossible to ignore. Click below to see the events map and find an event nearby:

The 350 day of action is named for 350 parts per million, the amount of carbon in the atmosphere that scientists say would be the safe for the climate. (At the moment, we're at 387 parts per million and climbing fast.) Already, thanks to organizing around the world, 89 countries have now committed in principle to setting 350ppm as a worldwide goal -- and the number has become a kind of shorthand for the fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty that we are all working for.

On October 24th, at each event -- at rallies and parties and deep-sea dives -- we'll take a photo centered around the number 350. The photos from around the world will be handed over to waiting reporters, broadcast to the world’s media on giant screens in New York’s Times Square, and delivered directly to hundreds of world leaders and politicians in the coming weeks.

Gathering to pose for a 350 photograph might seem like a small action --- but when it's being done thousands of times in thousands of cities, it grows in force, showing global leaders a snapshot of the massive, vibrant groundswell of worldwide citizens demanding solutions on climate change. Let's make this huge. Find a local event and sign up to attend:

In less than 50 days, our governments will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark, to negotiate a new global treaty to prevent a climate catastrophe. At the moment, the negotiations are stalling, and a fair ambitious and binding treaty looks a long way off. But it is precisely at times like these when people power, with hundreds of thousands of us working together, can make the difference.

With hope for October 24 and Copenhagen,

Ben, Luis, Taren, Iain, Alice, Pascal and the rest of the Avaaz team