Statement of Hallplatz refugees in dry hungerstrike – Nürnberg

Hallplatz refugees in dry hungerstrike – Nürnberg

We strikers we rescued our life and escaped from our countries and we refuged  to germany or other countries which we think have human rights for everyone to survive. Of course dropping out of our families and countries was not easy also the way where we came from it was also so difficult. Thousands of refugees drown in the sea every year, or they get lost elsewhere.


Thousands of lives disappear. You know very well that this occurs every day. We are the people who don’t feel like human beings in 21 century in germany, although  there is no possibility to live in our countries the german government makes us die gradually, living in fear of compulsory deportation to the countries in which there is no perspective to survive in. In countries where death waits for us. Although germany uses to call itself a democratic state, that respects international human rights, we, as refugees do not have any human or other basic rights. We live in modern prisons, are obligated not to leave the detention camp[lager pflicht] or the village, city or federal state (Residenzpflicht) where we are forced to stay. The circumstances we live in cause a lot of psychological problems and sometimes lead to suicide. We have no permission to work,  [Arbeiterlaubnis], we have no access to education. We have no permission to stay, which is equal with having no permission to live in our situation. We live in a constant fear of being deported. It is important for us to know if a piece of paper is more important than hundred thousands of lives because we want to live our lives in freedom  and security and as full human beings.

This is why we streikers decided to take our rights. We prefer to die in the streets rather than in our lagers because there are no human rights for us non-citizens but we will fight for this rights ‘til the end.