28 Refugees from protest camp Hannover in Hunger Strike against the deportation of Salah Abdallah


If the memory of German people was not totally erased, can remember the hundreds of news and reports about war and conflict in Sudan, from their own Medias by their own military. Right now exactly those people from that news and reports make a protest camp in Hannover in last weeks. We are here in Germany since years. Escape from the war, run from a country to another to stay alive, profiled by the german policy system, isolated in lagers, discriminated in offices and get Terror with deportation.


That’s the maximum understanding of responsibility about the Human rights and democracy in Germany in front of human dignity. Even Amir Ageeb was murder at 1999 in Lufthansa airplane during deportation by German officers. And today Salah Abdallah since 17 days in hunger strike in Hannover’s Deportation Prison in Langenhagen near Airport. At this moment, official responsibles, take his legal right to stay as a refugee and planed to deport him at early morning 12.06.2014 first to Frankfurt then to Italy. We, 28 of refugees from protest camp Hannover start our Hunger strike in solidarity with resistance of Salah Abdallah in deportation prison and against his deportation. We continue our hunger strike to expose our situation in deportation laws to the public in Germany, before comes our time. We keep this form of political strike, until take all demands of protest camp. Stand up for your rights! Stand up for unity against the system of repression! We must stop the deportation!
Refugee Protest Hannover
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