Ort: Nauru

06.08.2013 Australian treatment of boat people "a cruel and crass act of colonialism"
26.08.2014 Resettled refugees say they are desperate and living 'like animals in the jungle' on Nauru
05.12.2014 Tyrannical powers for Australia's immigration minister
09.03.2015 Mental disintegration of refugee children and parents in Australian concentration camps
20.03.2015 Report finds sexual abuse, attempted suicides of refugee children in Australian concentration camp
25.03.2015 Witness threats, 'inhuman guards', rapes and deaths at sea: testimony that didn't make the Moss Review
17.08.2015 Whistleblowers expose alleged abuse of asylum seekers on Nauru – video
13.10.2015 Father tried to kill himself when son was cured of TB as doctors over-ruled by immigration
22.01.2016 Child refugees tell of bullying on Nauru: 'They are rude to us, they punch us'
09.03.2016 $55m Cambodia deal that resettled two refugees a 'good outcome', says Dutton
16.03.2016 Spanish corporate giant Ferrovial wants to run Australian concentration camps
01.04.2016 A refugee mother's thanks to Australian activists
03.08.2016 Nauru asylum seeker conditions: Abuse, sexual harassment, filthy tents
03.08.2016 Human Rights Groups Claim Australia Is Ignoring Nauru Abuse
12.08.2016 The Nauru files: cache of 2,000 leaked reports reveal scale of abuse of children in Australian offshore detention
02.09.2016 Wilson Security to withdraw from Australia's offshore detention centres
11.09.2016 Australia's offshore refugee processing is no inspiration. It deserves condemnation
24.10.2016 Australia lifts gag order on doctors treating refugees