Can Piella will neither resign

Can Piella

Can Piella's project is again threatened with prudential eviction from 15 February on. However, the collective of neighbours that gives life to it for three years and a half are more determined than ever to continue the social use of the house.

The Cerdanyola Court has taken up the precautionary evacuation of Can Piella's farm, which was paralyzed in October after social mobilization in defense of this place. This interim resumes after the Provincial Court rejected the appeal presented by the neighbors. Thus, February 15 has been set up as the date for "leaving voluntarily" the house, and otherwise the use of the force will be used to dislodge it.

The collective continues relying on dialogue as the only tool to resolve the conflict. And this is because it has been through dialogue that, throughout the 3 years and a half of the project, more and more neighbours of the nearby towns have been interested and engaged in it. A recent example of this success would be the ecological horticulture course that is conducted every Sunday for free, where more than 120 people joined. Even the mayors of the two closest towns have jointly requested the judge to suspend the eviction and to close the case. The only part which with the dialogue has been impossible has been the property, a real estate company of the conglomerate Grupo Alcaraz, which is based on a purely economist view of the estate, incompatible with the social project that the collective is developing .

To claim for this dialogue, Can Piella will keep the activities already scheduled in the house, and it is also preparing new ones. So far it has made a call for participation in the meeting “Incubating Alternatives” for the next 15, 16 and 17 February, where there will be talks, workshops, music and activities. The intention is to invite the maximum number of people to know and take part in the project. So, Can Piella will not resign to spread social alternatives in a corrupted world.

We are not abandoning

For three years and a half, Can Piella has brought together a lot of different people under one idea: to break the dynamics of competition and to re-approach us to the earth to and each other. In this way it has been forging a reality with the mutual support, the sharing of knowledge and the collective working as engines of human relationships. Since then, the people involved in the project has only increased exponentially.

In contrast, during these three years and a half, the global crisis has only increased. Unemployment has grown to unsuspected limits, cuts have left welfare in rags, and the social reality claims for changes. To make matters worse, in recent weeks corruption has left more naked truth: the basic problem of our society is that a few decide for everyone, depending on their interest.

In front a social reality that everyday more confirms more the ideas that move Can Piella, now we are supposed to "voluntarily" abandon it?

How is it possible to voluntarily abandon a project that left out of the need to change society?
How is it possible to voluntarily abandon a heritage that is doomed to oblivion?
How it is possible to voluntarily abandon a land that they want to corrupt?

It seems that those who are guilty of this social crisis are not leaving voluntarily. It seems that the ones that govern us according to their interests can do what they want even if they are putting themselves in evidence. It also seems that the elites have total impunity and nobody evacuate them.

In front of this, Can Piella want to make a call not to resign, not to give up even if the context is difficult and to take active part in the change of this society, sinking into barbarism.

Can Piella is not abandoning,

Can Piella Lives!

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