Activism Social Forum at FanFest Rosia Montana

Reclaim The Fields

The Save Rosia Montana campaign brings together every year at FanFest young activists across the country. For this year, we intend to go a step further and unite all these discussions, interactions and calls for action in a social forum. Thus the Rosia Montana Activism Social Forum's first edition will take place at FanFest, from the 16th to the 19th of August. The event will include plenary programs, workshops and conferences, as well as a Solidarity Action called The Grand Assembly of of Roșia Montana.


"We believe that critical debate and protests, the two sides of social and environmental activism, must co-exist and discussions must be initiated and encouraged. The forum taking place at the same time as the festival is more than welcome as this year's edition is dedicated to activism and activists having as motto: Keep the mountains where they belong: resistance through culture", declared Roxana Pencea, one of the organizers.

The forum has five sections: action guide, campaigns and social movements, media activism, access to justice and environmental information, art and social activism. The topics addressed wish to present and create a space for dialogue where social and environmental activists in Romania and Europe interactively present solutions, critical visions and call for action for the citizens that want to take an active role in their communities.

The section on campaigns and social movements explores ways to act as a local and international force and fight back the increasingly aggressive pressure of corporate governance and their rush for natural resources and large infrastructure projects: The Save Rosia Montana campaign / Piaţa Universităţii 2012 / Mining Watch – Campaigns against mining exploitations in S-E Europe / Civic initiatives against shale gas / Peasant farming and the importance of saving traditional seeds / Genetically Modified Organisms / NO TAV – Italy / Transition Heathrow / Larzac – Larzac – farmers’ fight for justice and freedom / A vision for Bucharest - problems, solutions, change, commitment to your city / Animal Protection / Who are and what these Angry Youth want? / What is Corporate Social Responsibility and how should we avoid if? Who funds us?

The section on activism presents how activists can make their message and actions visible using alternative media channels without the support of mainstream media especially when it is silenced by advertising contracts. The section dedicated to the access to justice and environmental information presents clear information on how we can defend our rights and understand how projects such as the Rosia Montana one are approved. Activism can take many forms and art is one of them. Few are the ones who can practice it, and its mobilizing force can be overwhelming. Artists face to face with activists will find themselves in a colorful and unpredictable section on art and activism.

"The Activism Social Forum is an organic need of the Romanian civil society. The depth and extent of recent actions have created this need, that groups active in different causes, guided by the same kind of energy and vision, unite and come together. Rosia Montana due to its struggle for freedom and justice, is the ideal place to host such an event. Activists from different countries in Europe will attend, sharing their stories of resistance. All those that believe in the power of our actions are invited to join us at this forum" added Ramona Duminicioiu, organizer of the forum.

The complete program of the festival can be consulted on The website provides all the information needed to plan your five days holiday in the Apuseni Mountains. Theatre, documentaries, music, leisure activities and the activist forum, all are presented on the program section of the website.

FânFest was and is possible through the work of volunteers: people who put their creativity and ability to work in support of Rosia Montana. With tiny budgets, tenth time smaller than the one of a beer festival, the FânFest volunteers managed to make Rosia Montana well known all over the country. This year as well we make FânFest Rosia Montana together! Thus, we invite you to donate through our joint effort to make the seventh edition of the festival.

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