G20 Protest + Action Maps

Alles zum G20-Gipfel 2017 auf Indymedia linksunten

Hello, Here you find our freshly updated Map – Set for the G20 – protestweek. 

We just want to give you some short introduction about them:

1)      Hamburg map: “Summit with some overview”. That´s the map with a quiete big part of the city of Hamburg, including the main legend of all maps and it´s locating by marked frames the 3 other more detailed maps (arranged one upon the other). 

2)      City map: “Summitcity… know your friends and your enemies”. Centre of the City with G20 summitplaces, Hotels, Movement-points, Timetable of mobilisations, (expected) Corridors for G20 delegations, several “good to know”… 

3)      Corridor map: “Corridor or not corridor”. Expected Routes for the G20 delegations in the middle of the “blue zone” (demonstration ban).

4)      Airport map: “Hamburg Airport & Area… there is something in the air”. Important legends for the ban zone, the corridors and special tips.

You can download the set one by one and use them by “offline-modus”

Freedom of Movement for All… A.C.A.B.

Stay tuned… see you on the streets.

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rechtsklick neuer tab oder "downlaod" klicken und originaldatei sehen. https://linksunten.indymedia.org/image/217309.jpg

danke, war früher oder auf de.indy mal so