[Koper/Slovenia] Autonomous spaces in Slovenia under attack - Call for solidarity actions for INDE squat!

Inde Squat, Koper, Slovenia

Autonomous spaces in Slovenia are under attack. In May 2016 there has been attacks and attempts to evict ROG-factory in Ljubljana, now on New Year ARGO squat in Izola was forcefully evicted despite big resistance by inhabitants. Now we call for solidarity actions for INDE squat in Koper, Slovenia, that is threatened by eviction after 30. January 2017. Spread the news, get active, support the struggle!


Autonomous spaces in Slovenia under attack, support the struggle!
Call for solidarity actions for INDE squat in Koper, Slovenia 

In the last few years we have seen new autonomous spaces emerging in Slovenia, joining the struggles of older squats all over the country. Along the Slovenian coast, two enormous buildings were occupied until recently. The occupations brought radical politics and different social relations to their environment. Both squats were always open to a variety of projects and initiatives, but had strong anarchist presence and activities as well. The spaces used to be factories, which were destroyed by the brutal privatization. 

Right after New Years, ARGO squat in Izola was forcefully evicted. Eviction was preceded by a series of harassments from police and security company, that in some cases resulted in serious bodily injuries and fines for comrades there. The second coastal squat, called INDE, got an eviction notice just a few days ago. We are supposed to leave the premises on January 30. 

Both squats are currently owned by so-called Bad Bank. This is a state institution under the management of the Ministry of Finance, created to resolve debt by big failed speculative financial investment that crashed during the economic crisis. In other words: they are there to sell buildings cheap and open them to further financial speculations, by which the rich will once again profit, while all of us will lose.  The eviction of INDE is going to happen under a pretense of cleaning up dangerous material at the site. ARGO was also declared a dangerous zone by authorities, but the only thing they are trying to clean out of it are comrades who are bringing life into these spaces. 

This is another blow in a hard year for the squatting movement in Slovenia, since all of the spaces are facing attacks, either by Nazis or/and police, private security, and state institutions. We understand this kind of pressure as a part of increased repression that the so-called migrant crisis has justified. More is at stake than just our building. We are a hope of a different world, where solidarity, mutual aid, anti-authoritarianism, and non-hierarchical relations are still possible. Just few months ago we prevented the eviction of Rog squat in Ljubljana. We know we can do that again.

We call for comrades all around the world to show us solidarity. We will welcome you here, but will be happy if you fight where you stand. Send us a letter of support, or raise a banner! Or squat something yourself! They can never hold us back if we stand together strong. Everything you do will keep our spirits up. 

If we go down, we are going down in style. Join our struggle! 

Local Group Alternativa Obstaja, Koper (part of FAO-IFA)  

BAD BANK:   http://www.dutb.eu/en/default.aspx  (info@dutb.eu)
Security Company that is in charge of eviction: http://www.galekom.si/ (info@galekom.si
INDE: http://www.indeplatforma.org/            facebook.com/indeplatforma/
ARGO: facebook.com/argoplac/


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