Military Operation of Show of Vandalism in Civil Protest Against Annihilation Pacifico Usurper Michel President

Wounded in action against Temer in SP says he lost the sight in his left eye

Deborah Fabri was hit in the eye late on Wednesday.

Protest had detained photographers and confrontation with military police.

The protester Deborah Fabri, 19, wounded by bomb military police in demonstration against the government Michel Temer late on Wednesday (31) in the center of Sao Paulo, said he lost sight in his left eye.

Ombudsman will ask MP ascertain PM action that blinded protester

At least 20,000 people participated in the act, according to Brazil Popular Front and the CUT. The PM did not disclose numbers.

Deborah was injured late on Wednesday and taken to the Hospital das Clinicas, where he underwent tests. After he received care at the Eye Hospital in Paradise, which he left at the end of Thursday morning.

The Eye Hospital said in a medical bulletin that the patient "was admitted to our service at 2:37 a.m. of Sept. 1, 2016, with trauma in the face region, abrasions on the eyelids and left malar region, and perforating injury contusion in the left eye" . Deborah underwent emergency surgery. The hopital also said that "to be dealing with a highly complex ophthalmologic procedure, the prognosis requires special care."

Dr. William Fidelix, hospital chief operating officer, said the G1 that "the extent of the injuries, the visual prognosis is bastente reserved and serious. Chances are small for vision recovery."

Deborah Fabri was injured in the left eye during act against the government Temer in Sao Paulo

Witnesses rescued the girl reported on social media that she was struck by the military police - or by shrapnel from bombs dropped by the police or by rubber bullet. When contacted, the Secretary of Security was not positioned.

The Youth Popular Levante, movement of which Deborah part, issued a statement that says, "we will not rest until those responsible are punished and her disposal all the necessary assistance." The text also says the move will take "all legal measures and appropriate policies."

Beyond it, a young woman was run over during the protest (see video below). There are more wounded accounts in social networks.