[HH] Banks demolished in solidarity with the anarchist comrades accused of bankrobberies in Aachen

Symbolbild zersprungene Scheibe

In the night of the 24th of July 2016, windows and ATM of two Banks in hamburg/germany where destroyed. Slogans in solidariy with the anarchist comrades, who are facing investigations concerning bankrobberies in the german city of Aachen, where found at the places. We will not leave them alone! Until all are free!


"We dont care if the comrade is "guilty" of "not guilty", we leave these categories to the digusting denfenders of this system.


Every act of expropriation against the enemy, that has been robbing us for hundrets of years, is not just legitimate, its desirable.


Our boundless and borderless complicity to those who risc their freedom to expropriate the capital!"


(from Jedes Herz ist eine Zeitbombe – Zur Verhaftung vom 13. April in Barcelona)


For more info about the trial check https://solidariteit.noblogs.org