[Rigaer 94] - Our strategy against their malice - A call out for a Black July


After two weeks of the siege and partial eviction of the house project Rigaer 94, it is time for us to take the first step, and propose for discussion ways that we might go forward together.


Firstly we would like to pass on the good news that we have overcome the first stressful phase.  It took us a few days to come from being totally confused and overwhelmed to a point where we could take stock of the general situation in the house.

We had to got over the initial shock of the sudden siege and also the flagrant tactic of carrying out the eviction in the name of 'Refugee Support.'  Quite soon after this we began to sabotage the work of the labourers, security and cops.  Because of the overwhelmingly disproportionate balance of power, we were forced to construct ourselves a threatening image.  It was very quickly apparent that even in the occupied zone here it is possible to operate somewhat outside of the law.

After this, a number of security personnel succumbed to our pressure.  They were positioned all over the house, and we could convey quite believably to them in no uncertain words, that the only reason for their continued physical safety was the considerable police presence outside.  A group of security workers who were posted in the house from the very beginning have all left.  One of the decisive factors was the hopefully lasting realisation that by doing their job, they have placed themselves on the side of the pigs, who were responsible for the murder of someone among their milieu a few years earlier.  The prominent case of Slieman Hamade, in which we have involved ourselves, gives our story an unexpected pointe.



Not better than a pig: security.


We are absolutely sure that the instigation of the 'Tag-X' concept -- especially the actions that captured media attention -- have been essential in supporting the credibility of our threats.  They have given us considerable strength in our often hourly, nerve-wracking confrontations.

Our combined combatative stance has had the effect that the cops have prepared themselves to stay here in large numbers for a long time.  We cannot imagine how they could think of leaving the security workers alone in the house with us again.  At the moment it looks like this is anyway not possible for them.

So it has come about that the police occupation has been cemented in its current form.  This insight gave us the necessary rest to explore different legal options, unpleasant as it may be to engage with the state in this way.  It looks as though we have anyway scant hope for any positive outcome through legal channels.

We are elated by the albeit gradual reemergence of a critical public.  The risk is great for Interior Minister Frank Henkel, that this saga will bring about his spectacular downfall.  We recall that this was exactly the challenge of Rigaer Strasse after learning of the eviction threat.

The primitive brutality of Henkel's hired thugs is playing a significant role in this: with their attack on us they affronted the neighbourhood. The confrontations in the streets show that we do have structures of solidarity, and that the "rebellious Nordkiez" is not just an idea dreamed up by the autonomous scene.  On Sunday evening, when a cop tried to steal the phone from a woman standing outside of Rigaer 94, the people standing nearby stepped in to vigorously intervene.  The photos of the person who was heavily injured in this escalation are a harsh reminder of this violent experience for us all.  However, these experiences only serve to bind us more strongly together.  There is no longer a front house and a back house, there is now only one Rigaer 94.



The man who was beaten up in front of his kids.


Now when we say 'Rigar 94 stays', then we are talking about one hundred percent of the people here.  When we say 'Rigaer stays', then we are talking about everyone who is fighting back against this police attack on the structures of solidarity and rebelliousness in our neighbourhood.

Therefore we now ask ourselves the question, how can we actually prevail?

This much we are sure of, we must channel all of our resources into this confrontation.  If we have any posibility to release more energy, then it must be done in the next few weeks of this siege.

We propose to use the week before the demonstration on Saturday, 9th July, to intensify the conflict.



Directly after the eviction there were a series of night time riots.  Until today, there has been no night free of offensive actions.  Rigaer 94 has put out the call to throw Berlin into chaos.


The actions must be decentralised, regardless of the level of intensity, the number of actions must increase and the terrain must be expanded worldwide.  We want a 'Black July!'

Locally, we welcome all creative, powerful, subversive and crazy actions or publicity stunts.  The goal may be to bring an early finish to the summer holidays of the Berlin police, before they really got started.  Or the goal could be to create moments where people can come together, connect, share and reflect.

Finally, on the 9th of July, we hope that everyone who wants to support us can come to Berlin.  The demonstration is, as far as we know, registered.  It can, however, serve as a starting point, or provide support for other unregistered actions.  We will show that housing capital can be risky capital!  Release your rage against those responsible for gentrification!  Unleash your hate against the lackeys of the state!  Precipitate pain for those who profit from the prevailing logic!  No action is off limits!

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