(B) Solidarity statement from Meuterei and call for demonstration 9.7.


Since 13 days the people living in Rigaerstrasse have to deal with the abuse of the police, securities and construction workers every day. Henkel is manipulating the evicted construction rooms of Kadterschmiede, the attic and the workshop in Rigaer 94, by saying that its for building flats for refugees. He is pushing for this not only by using securities but by using hugh police forces.



In Berlin rebellious places are being threatend, gentrification is taken over the neighbourhood and rents are getting higher. https://linksunten.indymedia.org/en/node/180330



We will not tolerate this.


Come to the demonstration on 9.7. at 20.30 to Wismarplatz



Kadterschmiede, Rigaer 94, Friedel 54, we all stay!!

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(B) 2nd Update for the July 9 demo • Defend Rigaer 94! • Smash investors dreams!