Call for help of independent volunteers in Idomeni

Let them cross the border

++++ Call for help of independent volunteers ++++ ++++ Support in and around Idomeni urgently needed!! +++ There are 600 to 3000 Refugees arriving at the greek-macedonian border Idomemi every day. But only those from Syria, Afghanistan and Irak may pass. Many times it is randomly decided if papers of proof are accepted or not. NGOs like Doctors Without Borders is organising tasks like handing out blankets and medical care. But for example the whole clothes stock and distribution and the tea-kitchen is run by independent Supporters.


* Here we desperately need people, to help us, to be able to support the refugees.


The situation for people from other nationalities, that are rejected at the border, is extreme. Many of them, especially young men end up here without any money. Mostly they are forced into busses transporting them back to Athens. But many of them return here and stay in the forests and barracks around Idomeni. They try to cross the Macedonian border by themselves or they use traffickers. In Macedonia they are then mostly caught by police or military, being beaten, robbed and send back to Greece. The supply of these refugees is very bad. A small group of supporters is trying to reach them and hands out tea, food, clothes and infos.


* For supporting these refugees we urgently need people to take over that job!


Some volunteers are present directly at the border, too, to watch the border-police and try to intervene. The selection, as well as opening and closing the border is often randomly made by border-police. All in all the situation during the night is much worse than during the day. Police and refugees are more stressed out. Sometimes there are really horrible scenes happening.


* Here are people needed, too!


At the moment there is a kitchen from Freiburg here. Mid of January there is another one from the Netherlands coming. The food is especially needed to supply refugees being hold back at a gas station 20km before Idomeni. It seems like this is being done by political calculatio, to prevent big groups and therefore protests at the border. The refugees sometimes need to wait there for up to 30 hours. Officially they don’t receive any supply. NGOs are only at site for some hours per day. Mostly the very expensive gas station is the only possibility.


* There are people needed to support with cutting and cooking!


The infrastructure for volunteers is good. There is a house to sleep in and be able to get “out of action”. There are international volunteers living right now. There is good connection to locals, squats, NGOs, supporters in Macedonia and autonomous local structures. Eventually there is the possibility to receive financial help for travel costs.


If you want to support here please contact 004915210640117 or 00306955432009. Or send an E-Mail to