[Spanien] Operation Ice: New repressive strike against anarchists

[Spanien] Operation Ice: New repressive strike against anarchists

If last week we awoke to 9 comrades arrested in Barcelona and Manresa, of which one has to stay in prison [Enrique Costoya Allegue] and the rest have been released pending trial in an extension of Operation Pandora, and the extension of preventive prison to Mónica and Francisco, yesterday, November 4, we awoke to a new beat. In this case, Operation Ice in which they have been arrested 5 companions of the collective Straight Edge Madrid.


Again the state hits. The allegations, belonging to a criminal organization with terrorist aims, damages and apology of terrorism. The henchmen of the Information Brigade of the National Police say they have found material for making explosives, gunpowder and bomb-making manuals. It alleges them responsible for the attack with incendiary devices against four bank branches in Madrid as well as other actions in Barcelona. In addition, as has become customary, they are accused of relations with GAC (Grupos Anarquistas Coordinados) – coordinated anarchist groups. In this case, they have seized documents and propaganda concerning Anarchist groups, for them a confirmation of their coordinated relationship with them, referring specifically to the comrades arrested last March 30 in Operation Piñata.


So it goes in the Spanish state, operation after operation still beating us. But whatever they do they will not get us to stop fighting.


Freedom for anarchist prisoners! 

Solidarity with the repressed!

Innocent or guilty, just anarchists!

Death to the state and long live Anarchy!!!!!


VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lk6iC3EMwzQ