[Berlin] Eviction of the school - Call for protest and militant interventions

Kein Mensch ist illegal

Police state training and civil war maneuvers of extra legal police units in Berlin. The police leadership takes over the political leadership of Berlins district Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain. Such a headline could easily be blamed as exaggerated crazy idea of the usual suspects from the anarchist corner. But of course, such a headline is chosen to be provocative - and it has the desired effect if the situation that we come across in one of Berlin's neighborhoods is examined more closely. In the light of the urgent events we ask for support!


The martial law has been imposed in Berlin, without legal basis, without explanation, without emergency, without imminent danger and without political directive. There had been no preceding cause for this martial law. One is suggesting legitimacy that is not recognizable. Now a old state declines while a new one is emerging.


Three days ago the squatted refugee school in Ohlauer street in the district of Kreuzberg has been evicted by more the 900 police units from Berlin and other states. According to the newspapers police units with submachine guns were in action as safeguards. The eviction has been consciously conducted during the Fusion Festival. The police still shows massive presence.


The police and its political leadership is not any longer a merely executing institution, that acts on orders, but an independent player that is developing a momentum of its own. The police press car is issuing political statements of the revolting authority. The press is replicating police statements - not those of politicians. The police is taking over political tasks - even the formation of public opinions. The press is reproducing those statements - thus the press is spreading the fairy tale of a "voluntary vacation" of the refugees.


By the way, how much 'voluntariness' exists when 900 armed up cops knock on the door and brought already along the bus for evacuation? This type of 'voluntariness' is instilling terror if one relates other historical considerations or other parts of the world in which this 'voluntariness' came and comes into effect. In fact, a police state measure has been issued without an eviction title or a legal base. Now is the time for the lawyers to act on the base of just and democratic structures.


But on the other hand: still 40 people are refusing to leave the building. More accurate: the roof. With good reason, as the 'voluntary' evacuation of the occupied Oranienplatz this year led to 10 detentions - 10 persons that have been detained in custody pending deportation, despite the assurance of the federal state government that this won't happen. Meanwhile one person on the roof from Sudan threatened to commit suicide as he would die in Sudan anyway.


In order to prevent direct solidarity among the people, the neighborhood and adjacent blocks are closed off since three days. Access only for those that can prove to live in the area. Many different shops experienced heavy loss of remuneration. The shops are closed. From the kebab shop to the wine merchant. The main street is blocked. Extralegal space. In order to destroy the means of communication between the occupiers on the roof and supporters that cannot reach the building the police is currently deploying jammers.


Local major Hermann (the Greens) became invisible. Its unlikely that she has been deported to the football stadium but rather collaborates with the police. She is entrenching herself behind the police. But our anger and anger will come upon her.


Panhoff, the green council member for building and construction has also been identified as protagonist. Already the squatters of 'Franz-Künstler-Street' were not wiling anymore to negotiate with him because he is pursuing delaying tactics with his empty promises. Of course it could also be that his own administration is not following him when it comes to the promised installation of showers. The showers have been one of the problems in the school - that led to the death of one person during a fight. If the people from the school had suspected that the promised commitments won't be adhered, they and the supporters would have installed the showers by their own long time ago. Once again it became apparent that collaboration with the political enemy has only downsides. Panhoff declared the evacuation as 'voluntary' even though he knows that no legal base exists. Only the police rightly talks about an eviction - but a 'voluntary' one. Such subtleness is only used to be protected against possible juridical complains.


Panhoff is a Green - our rage and anger will come upon the officials of this filthy party. But it would be unfair not to tackle CDU (Christian democrats) and SPD (social democrats) with the same intensity. The CDU for her hate on refugees, that demands the siege of a neighborhood through the unchristian figure of Henkel. The SPD that shares the government with CDU is being an active actor in the "divide and rule" strategy that operates on the integration and deportation of refugees. This filthy mob was primarily responsible for the division of the refugees at Oranienplatz. If they imagine to lean back relaxed while alone the Green party officials hide themselves away in their pathetic summer party, they fool themselves heavily.


This call is being issued by non-parliamentary groups from the renters and antifa movement and other threatened projects, as the Refugee supporters barely have time and have to take care about the organisation of sleeping spaces, among others.


We hereby call for massive and resolute local and worldwide actions against the named political parties and the police. We call to attack institutions that represent the repressive refugee policy. All our rage and anger shall come upon them. And as fast as for you possible, as the school is still contested, the streets are still blocked.


We call the Fusion Festival to agree on a short solidarity statement in the name of all present people that will be read out everywhere.


And let us pay back twice the disgrace on this occasion.


Immediate and unconditioned withdrawal of the police from the building, the area and the streets.


Immediate recognition of the refugees as part of our society - unconditionally


Fight for the school in Ohlauer steet as self-determined living space for 70 refugees and as international refugee center



Act fast - but act : furious