Antifa crushes EDL across Ununited Kingdom


The month started with a humiliating defeat for the EDL in Walthamstow. Less than 300 turned up to have their march blocked by over 1000 anti-fascists, get pelted with missiles and then get kettled for 7 hours. The East Midlands divisions still loyally turned up as evidenced by the familiar sight of a GH Watts coach.


The zombie Nazis of the National Front rose from their tombs in indignation about a halal slaughterhouse in Skegness. The NF's demo was rejected by a more mainstream campaign against the slaughterhouse, but we were a bit sceptical about their references to "these barbaric people are all set to take over the world" and reckon they're a bit more racist than they'd like to think. Anyway, a bargain basement selection of fascist dregs said they'd turn up for the NF demo and got all hot under the collar when their re-direction point was leaked to us the day before. In the event, a sad bunch of less than 40 skinheads were confined to a park for the afternoon to be ignored by the public and the media.


Nottingham's Tony Curtis, big man within the EDL and favoured by many to take over from tinpot dictators, Tommy 'n Kev, announced he was leaving the far right street movement. He had been working with fascist nutbag, Bill Baker, on yet another no-hope far-right splinter group, the New Patriot Alliance, which probably didn't go down too well with the leadership. At any rate, they used Twitter to slag Curtis off and alienate all their followers who were fans. In the end, Curtis decided not to throw his weight behind the NPA because they were too racist for his liking and is now languishing in the political wilderness. A great result for anti-fascists!


We reported on the English Volunteer Force, another rival for the EDL's slipping crown, which has gained a (miniscule) following in Lincoln. The EVF was founded by Chris Renton, a former BNP and Combat 18 activist who used to make sexual threats towards grannies for the EDL. The EVF takes inspiration from the Ulster Volunteer Force, a loyalist paramilitary organisation renowned for indiscriminately torturing and murdering Catholic civilians in Northern Ireland. They consider all Muslims a target.

We were pleased to see that xenophpbic English Democrats clown, Elliott Fountain, had another dreadful election result, securing a tiny 24 votes (0.9%) in a Lincolnshire County Council by-election. We hope his bid to become Police Commissioner in the county goes just as well. The month ended on a positive note with direct action by Leicester Antifascists against the GH Watts coach company, the EDL's carriers of choice in the East Midlands. They locked and glued the gates of the coach company shut on the night before the EDL's Walsall demo. The demo itself was another massive failure for the fascist footsoldiers, who only managed to turnout 150 who got filmed attacking the police, throwing missiles which hit their own side and then getting beaten up by the filth.