[Chile] ALF burns down rodeo arena

Animal Liberation is our Liberation

At about 4:00am we turned our attention toward a symbol of the bourgeois and patriotic lie of animal exploitation in the city of Chillán, setting fire to the rodeo ring in the month when the $hilean state marks 201 years of slavery of the Mapuche people as well as us. It was set on fire, causing severe damage, and pamphlets were left with the following message: 'We resorted to "force"' and direct action as a form of defense of those who are oppressed and who can not defend themselves: the animals, who are enslaved, exploited and murdered day after day, with humans, and others exploited, the main accomplices of the torturing, murdering speciesists who carry out an even more violent system of domination, the same system that keeps us poor, slaves of money-- a State based on inequality and alienating ways of life. This system based on 'authority' is now charged with killing and torturing animals as if they were objects. We will bring social war to this system manifested in the State and Capitalism.

We dedicate this action to our comrade Claudia López, killed the 11th month of 1998, by the repressive forces of the State. We remember her in our daily struggles.

There will be no peace while the animals are slaves, while we are slaves, while the Earth has a master!

For Total Liberation (human, animal and the Earth).
Animal Liberation Front