Oury Jalloh Soli-CD Release im SO36

Flyer CD-Release SO36

The Initiative in Remembrance of Oury Jalloh is honored to proudly & gratefully present the RELEASE of a SOLIDARITY-CD delivered by a number of great & generous artists in support of our efforts to strive for complete clarification of the murder of Oury Jalloh, justice and indemnity for the bereaved and rehabilitation from the false accusation of a "self-inflicted fire raising"...


We cordially invite community, family & friends as well as supporters and well-wishers of our course to join in our struggles by being our guests on December 15th 2016 at SO36 in Berlin X-Berg by 7pm...

http://so36.de/events/ solidarity-beatz-poetry-for -oury-jalloh/

Our nonfinite & unutterable thanks go the artist involved who will stage an unforgettable event for all of us:
Konta (https://youtu.be/ lnc6tHABJmU)
Kutlu (https://youtu.be/ JxB5zwQ3w6U)
Carmel Zoum (https://youtu.be/ EwIMdONezbQ) / DJ Soul Rebel Blessed Love
Ba Hati (https://youtu.be/ ngU0nEd4ZsQ)
Mal Élevé (Irie Révoltés https://youtu.be/ mQhsFVSBQCM)
Matondo (https://youtu.be/ J-gZOZa2H90)
JuJu Rogers (https://youtu.be/ SlopW3IGcDE)
Musa Okwonga (https://youtu.be/ y19CbyE41vo)
Refpolk (https://youtu.be/ FopN3nFv4B0)
Tamara Jendoubi (https://soundcloud.com/ tamara-jendoubi)

Entrance Donations in support of the Initiative in Remembrance of Oury Jalloh (Lawyers fees, Experts fees, Repression costs...) :
Tickets advance booking: 15€ + fee
-> http://bit.ly/2g8qmiR
Box Office 19:00h (Donation as affordable) ... 8 - 15€

Programm 20h | Show 21h
Oury Jalloh - Das war Mord


More Information: https://initiativeouryjalloh.wordpress.com/


Mobi-Trailer 2017: https://youtu.be/b9943Tdxpuo



Aufruf Kampagne 2017 #KeinEinzelfall - #KeineEinzeltäter




SOLI BEATZ 'n' POETRY für Oury Jalloh

CD-Release | Info-Mobi


SO36 X-Berg | 15.12.2016

Box Office 19:00h (Donation as affordable) ... 8 - 15€

Kasse 19h |Programm 20h | Show 21h

Oury Jalloh - Das war Mord