Helsinki: Action against Stora Enso

Next to Police in front of the Congress Center Activists climbed on a tower.

On Wednesday, March 31st, activists tackled Stora Enso, one of the biggest global pulp companies, at there annual stockholders meeting in Helsinki. Besides a rally, activists climbed a tower next to the conference center and showed a banner accusing Stora Enso to lie This Scandinavian company pretends to be ecologically friendly by planting huge monoculture plantations for their pulp production in several countries.

Helsinki, Finland: demonstrators at the shareholder meeting of Stora Enso, a Finnish-Swedish pulp and paper company, accused the company of human rights violations and greenwashing.

Their message was that the plantations pose a threat to the livelihood of small-scale farmers and food security in Brazil, Uruguay and China. Contrary to Stora Enso's claims, tree plantations do not function as carbon sinks. On the contrary, industrial monocultures are destroying natural carbon sinks and biodiversity.

30 demonstrators and colorful clowns told the shareholders to take an easy green step by selling their shares. In addition, two people climbed to a tower next to the Conference Centre and dropped a 6 metre banner saying STORA LÖGNER - BIG LIES.


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