4.7. || 17h Refugeedemo: We want flats - from Lichtenberg to Rigaer94


Call for demonstration: Flats instead of camps - Let's maintain and create solidary structures

We - members of „Stop Deportation" - are refugees from different refugee camps in Berlin who organized autonomously. We are planning a demonstration for Monday the 4th of July | 5 p.m. from one camp in Bornitzstraße 102 (close to S/U-Lichtenberg) to the project on Rigaerstraße 94.


The refugee camp-system in Germany is unacceptable. Conditions in the shelter for asylum seekers at Bornitzstraße 102 are typical examples of the situation. 500 people are forced to live together in confined space. Now even these horrible conditions have worsened. Because of construction-works on the upper level, people were forced to move from their tiny rooms in big halls, where they have to sleep and live with 50-60 individuals.

4 persons share together a living space of up to about 10 m². This is absolutely a lack of privacy. People who refused to move, where physically forced to do so. For some time now we have been asking and demanding to choose what we eat since the food from the canteen in the camp is always the same and most of the people don't like how it tastes. The only alternative is to register on a list for using the only (!)kitchen, which is only open a few hours a day for us. It needs 3 days after registration to get a fixed date. But because we officially receive food, we only get very little additional money from the Senat. This makes it even more difficult to cook what we actually want to eat.


Before the eviction of the 'Kadterschmiede' in Rigaer94 we cooked there regularly, so we could decide on our own what to cook and also shared with guests on a donation basis. This room was not only for us a place to encounter people and create a solid network, but also for other discriminated people. It is cynical to evict this center to install a new camp with the same bad conditions we are fighting against. We demand to preserve the 'Kadterschmiede' as a space of solidarity, where refugees and activists can come together! We demand the same for the 'Wagenplatz Kanal', which is also threatened of eviction and where the district is planning to build a container-camp for refugees. Instead of this we demand flats for refugees with private rooms and their own kitchens. We want to decide on our own with who and where we are going to live. We want to be normal neighbors who are no isolated in refugee-camps. We don't want canteens that cook uneatable food for us. We are capable to do it on our own - and it will even taste better!


Flats instead of camps - solidarity structures have to be created and preserved!



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