Brenner - What´s a wall?

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"it´s not who is wearing a gasmask that makes the air unbreathable" About the Austrian´s stepback regarding the Brenner barrier. With the mobilization against the closure of the border between Austria and Italy, we have defined the barriers "the emblem of our present". There is no doubt that the statements of the Austrian State to build a wall at the Brenner have meant that the intentions of the enemies of all borders would concentrate there. There is a symbolic-emotional aspect of reality (and struggle) that should not be overlooked, because its effects are extremely practical.


In this sense, the day of May 7 was important, because of its international nature, and the will to fight it expressed.

The political and media ballets of the last days deserve a couple of thoughts. The same purpose (ignoble) can be achieved by different means: the dispute between the Austrian and Italian authorities is all about "how": you can control and reject immigrants without hindering the transit of goods.
The wall is a symbol, but a symbol has a world behind, without which it would not work.

We try to explain some steps to figure out how to continue to struggle against borders and their world.
Until mid-March, the Italian authorities were adapting the measures to be taken with respect to the "Austrian decision to close the border." Nothing but chorus of protest, as they write the journalists today. The motions voted on by the Trento provincial council, for example, planned to intensify the Tir south controls, to prevent bottlenecks at the Brenner.
Determine how the blockades of railway and highway during the same day of May 7 have weighed on the Austrian is not easy nor particularly interesting.

But we do not even like to go for fools.
First, works on the Brenner barrier are only suspended. A significant increase in the flow of immigrants and the risk of losing support in favor of the extreme right may change the situation. Meanwhile, across the border, the decree on state of emergency and army deployment on the border has passed.

But there's more, and it is what is most important.
The Italian government is strengthening administrative detention and building new hotspots (sorting centers with refugees to "welcome" and irregular to be interned and ejected).
Meanwhile, the controls on the train eurocity Milan/Venice-Verona-Monaco (OBB) increased. We are again faced with apartheid trains. In Verona they have resumed checks to the face, so who has dark skin makes it increasingly difficult to jump on the OBB.
The Italian interior minister boasted, in last week's conference with his Austrian counterpart, that no "irregular" arrives in Austria with those trains. Even without the wall, then, the police of the Tyrol has got what he wanted. 50 policemen of the police headquarters in Bolzano and 60 military are engaged permanently in anti-immigrant ops.
This is the moving frontier that must be tackled, starting from its collaborators.
May 7 was only a step.
As well as the deportation machine is articulated in the territories, even the enemies of the borders have to organize themselves in that direction.


Solidarity gathering with the condemned comrades and to continue the struggle against the borders:


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