The Left in Pakistan

The left in Pakistan

Vortrag über die pakistanische Linke (in englischer Sprache): Under the shadow of Religion and security state: The Left in Pakistan and the making of Awami (Peoples) Workers Party

Pakistan is a security state where Army as an institution has been powerful at the apex of every state institution since the inception of country in 1947. Military dictators have ruled the country for more than half of its lifetime. Religion has been a defining feature and a source of sovereignty both for the state and Army. The narratives of Pakistani Nationalism and state are built on the axis of being Muslim. Being an Islamic Republic and a nuclear power, Pakistani state and military have always been pressing out for its liberal and leftist citizens. History of country is replete with the imprisonments and murders of human rights and leftist activists.

In this environment of religious zealot and security paradigm, left politics has sustained itself and made its inroads in public and at intellectual front of the country. Right from the beginning, Marxist groups and parties have mobilized trade unions, factory workers, peasants, students, religious and ethnic minorities, slum dwellers and have raised the questions of gender equality and class struggle in public life of a country. The left in Pakistan has always been questioning the religious and security bases of the country in public sphere. The deprived classes and areas of country have been the target of left political circles in Pakistan. In November 2012, three left political parties merged together to form Awami Workers party in a bid to revive the scattered left in Pakistan and struggle toward the democratic and socialist society in Pakistan.

The talk will focus on the history of left politics in Pakistan from 1947 to 2012, and would add the activities of Awami Workers Party for last three years.


Beginn: 20 Uhr


Im Anschluss findet ein Konzert mit FFD (Antifa-OI!, Parma) und Rotten Shock (Punk, München) statt.


Kafe Marat (Thalkirchnerstraße 102)