flying for freedom of movement and against state control at russian embassy in hamburg

no one is illegal

It was not surprising after the recent homophobe and xenophobic changes of laws in russia that now in the context of election campaign in moscow the issue of migration was put in a very simple and racist direction by deciding to seperate and concentrate masses of illegalised people in camps. But even if these tendencies and actions of political officials in russia and their police is not surprising, it is an important topic to put light and publicity on. It is neither just nor acceptable that passports and papers are more valuable than human beings.


Of course it is not a special russian topic as all the european governments and wide parts of society are also not willing to be in solidarity with the people who leave for different reasons their region and deportation prisons exist all over germany and shengen states. But it is not an internal topic of russia to act as if it is reasonable to imprison and mistreat people of color as it seems wide parts of russian society are positive about stronger migration control. It is not reasonable based on violence between corrupt police and traders and also not as “majority” in russia wants discrimination. There had been stories of right wing civilians “helping” police in the last days to control and harassing non-white people. Market places were sabotaged and goods of non-white people destroyed by crowds of openly racist people. The people being imprisoned and facing deportation in moscow are like in german society the ones who are forced to work under worst conditions with little or no working rights or dignity. This has to be pointed out, who has the benefit of these unjust global conditions and not blaming peoples strategies to survive with or without legal papers.


Нелегальных людей не бывает ### kein mensch ist illegal ### no one is illegal


We decided to gather at the russian embassy in hamburg to show our solidarity with the people affected of the racist society and state. A callout was made, which named also the recent police action against vostok forum in murmansk, which was attacked in the beginning of august and the imprisoned of the 6th of may protest including alexej gaskarov. Many reasons to be in front of the russian embassy. Not to demand something of them, as there is no reason to adress state structures but to make it a bit more uncomfortable for them to act like this. And also very important, to send our warm solidarity to the ones affected of the prison system and state violence. But in the beginning of the picket we had the opportunity to participate in some flying practice as people from the kampnagel international summer festival were with us.


hile flying, people were chanting slogans like “kein mensch ist illegal”, “free pussy riot” and “alerta antifascista”. It was my first time flying in front of an embassy and i must say it was less boring than usually. Police did not intervene at all, they just stood aside even the full event was not officially registrated.


After some flying and distributing leaflets to the few passing by people, we started to make some public statements about golianovo camp and horrible conditions there. The around 600 imprisoned people, mainly vietnamese but also from caucasus and former asian republics of soviet union have little space in the camp, nearly no shower or possibilities to wash, they have to pay money to the guards to charge phones and relatives are rejected to give them material support. The other  more than 2000 “illegal migrants”, who were officially arrested disappeared, so probably there are more camps existing. The russian government wants to drop the regulation that people from former soviet republics can enter russia without special permission and is strengthening the discrimination of non-white people living in russia by blaming “illegal migrants” for social conflicts.


People participating in the picket were additionally making some personal statements. A friend of alexej gaskarov pointing out how important it is to support the prisoners and people opposing the authoritarian system. Another person, who comes from russia but lives elsewhere now was wishing that society in russia may change in a open and diverse direction instead of putting creative and engaged people in prison.


The mood at the action was great, i met some new interesting people and old friends, who are willing to show up in solidarity against any form of discrimination may it be racist or homophobe and in solidarity with the struggling people in russia.


Greetings to leipzig, where people today act against repression in russia!

Free pussy riot, free alexej gaskarov and all the many prisoners from the 6th of may!

Solidarity with the migrant workers in russia – for freedom of movement for everybody!

Down with the laws against an open society – we will show up again to keep the curtain open!

Act in solidarity at 17th of august for our people from pussy riot who are still imprisoned and who did the right thing to show partriarchy and sexism that a feature without it is desirable and necessary!